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Whatsapp Plus APK v17.45 Download (Official)

Name WhatsApp Plus
Offered By Jenson
Size 52.3 MB
Latest Version 17.45
MOD Info Whatsapp Mods
Update July 19, 2023 (10 months ago)
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Price FREE

When individuals get access to smartphones, messaging connections sparked a shift. In short, it altered the entire course of events. Following that, a vital requirement emerged as message integrity. This necessity prompted individuals to devise unique alternatives. That is why WhatsApp arrived on the scene and quickly grew to prominence. It is presently used by about one billion users. However, this post will inform you regarding WhatsApp Plus APK, a kinship program with more options and capabilities. As a result, everyone can connect using end-to-end confidentiality. We urge you to review the blog post from top to bottom. Read on to learn more. Furthermore, Whatsapp Plus does not assert any extra fees, so you may utilize it without having to spend anything. With the amazing characteristics of Whatsapp Plus, this chatting APK software is the perfect method to wow your buddies.

About Whatsapp Plus Apk

It is a comparable program that functions just like WhatsApp. It was released to the public in 2012. Rafale, a prominent XDA representative, made this program by altering the official WhatsApp program. He modified the fundamental script and added a new UI. The official App’s icon is green, however, it has been modified to gold. Rafale incorporated new functions and capabilities which we’ll go through later in the blog post. This App communicates texts using end-to-end secrecy. And it includes all of the official Application’s features.

Whatsapp Plus APK

What exactly is Whatsapp Plus?

Whatsapp Plus is currently among the most admired variants of the Original Whatsapp, with thousands of people using it. This APK program is developed with numerous innovative and cutting-edge functions that the original version lacks. Yes, Whatsapp Plus allows you to conceal your last seen, swap backgrounds, and do a lot more. Whatsapp Plus is a user-friendly communication program similar to GBWhatsapp that is the greatest and simplest method to remain in touch with your family and buddies. Briefly, it is the easiest method of communicating with individuals residing anywhere on earth.

Whatsapp Plus APK

Basic Necessities

  • It necessitates Android 4.0 or higher.
  • It is compatible with both rooted and non-rooted smartphones.
  • The downloading of the application through the APK file necessitates the enabling of the “Unknown Sources” setting.

Features of Whatsapp Plus APK

This Application and WhatsApp share similar structural properties, and it contains all of the official Application’s functions. We’ll inform you about the elements that are unique and noteworthy. 

Theme Provision 

This Application enables users to select themes that are distinctive, adaptable, and visually attractive. The entire user interface is customizable. Messages, icons, and visuals may all be customized in terms of color. The official Application does not support any modification. As a result, this Application makes it simple to select the appropriate aesthetic look. The App has almost 700 different themes. You also do not need to install themes manually. This Application automatically collects the themes and organizes them by name, date, and variant.

Whatsapp Plus APK

Additional Emojis

The official Application has emojis, which make the dialogue more emotive and genuine. However, this Application has expanded its library of emojis. It now includes Google Hangouts emojis for improved communication. However, there is a limit. Just WhatsApp Plus users get access to the emojis. If you share an emoji while the recipient has the official App, subsequent emojis will not appear in the chat.

Concealing Online Status

The official App’s users were fed up with other individuals interrupting them when they were online.  That is why WhatsApp Plus launched the concealing feature. You may conceal your status from any individual. This choice resulted in new flexibility in the realm of secure messaging.

Feature for enhanced file transfers

The official WhatsApp only enables uploads of up to 16 MB, causing unexpected rivalry between data providers. This Application allows users to share data up to 50 MB in size, which is easy. Furthermore, this Application allows you to customize files ranging in size from 2MB to 50MB. The sophisticated file transfer feature is missing from the official App.

Whatsapp Plus APK


You may use this tool to eliminate all unwanted conversations, erase chats, and wipe up any other extraneous data.

Monitoring Status

Another fantastic characteristic of Whatsapp Plus APK is the ability to conceal your recording status from everyone else.

Automatic Response

This function is only accessible for Whatsapp Business Accounts, however, Whatsapp Plus has added it to help its users. So, you may use this function to establish and deliver an Auto-reply text to the person you wish.

Background images

Another fantastic advantage of this amazing program is its infinite Background images. Everyone enjoys having distinctive backgrounds on their walls, and this tool allows you to do just that for your chat screen.

Whatsapp Plus APK


Whatsapp Plus has been built with an additional unique characteristic of History and Logs that the standard Whatsapp does not provide. In this situation, you may keep track of every action taken on your account. This functionality can be quite useful to you in a variety of ways.

Fonts and Patterns

Everyone likes to retain a range of font styles, and with this function, you may acquire a selection of font colors, sizes, styles, and patterns.


This software enables users to exchange information in ways that the original Whatsapp does not provide. It enables users to exchange HD-quality photos, films that exceed 30 seconds, videos up to 50 MB in capacity, and audio files up to 100 MB in size.


There are a few drawbacks to utilizing this Application, which is listed below.

  • Updates are moderate

This App’s creators do not release updates on a frequent basis. You must wait longer for fresh upgrades.

  • Concerns about the policy

Following the DMCA action, Google deleted this application from the Google Play store. However, it remains accessible for downloading from a variety of different sites. As a result, there is a problem with the Application’s validity and legitimacy. When you’re an experienced user, you should consider the rules and regulations. However, you cannot label this Application as either lawful or illicit.

Concerns about safety and protection

It is a modified version of the official App that can reveal your secret conversations to outsiders. As a result, you must take precautions when utilizing it.

The Limitations of Using Whatsapp Plus MOD APK

Tossing a coin has the same chance of having two distinct sides. Similarly, there are benefits and drawbacks to utilizing WhatsApp Plus MOD APK. Usually, people conceal these aspects in order to entice you to get WhatsApp Plus and raise profits, but we’ll tell you everything because it isn’t our place to gamble with your safety.

Pleasure does not come cheap, and pricing arrangements might have an impact on you, such as the following drawbacks of the WhatsApp Plus MOD version.

  1. When utilizing a customized WhatsApp, such as WhatsApp Plus, your account is less likely to be blocked by WhatsApp authorities. It would be a brief restriction, however, we suggest using a separate phone number for this WhatsApp account than your original account.
  2. Using some seriously limited functions the majority of the time might cause your account to steadily deteriorate.

That’s all! They’re only two in number, and if you’re able to tolerate these issues, you’re fine to go with WA Plus APK. If you object to these downsides, you can continue to be frustrated and fortunate with the original WhatsApp program.

Founders of WhatsApp Plus

WhatsApp Plus is an upgraded and better messaging service created by Rafalete, one of XDA’s leading figures. WhatsApp Plus isn’t just one Mobile application; it includes three excellent MODs created by three distinct developer communities: 

  • Alex Mods
  • Fouad Mods
  • Hey Mods

We’ve included all three MODs here, along with their most well-known rights as well as several vexing constraints. Select your new text messaging program from the list below.


AlexMods is the most remarkable WhatsApp MOD development company, widely recognized for producing many WhatsApp programs. They produced their own GB WhatsApp Pro, OG WhatsApp Pro, and, most subsequently, featured WhatsApp Plus. If you’re drawn to AlexMods’s characteristics described below, you should install it right away.

Blue WhatsApp Plus by Fouad Mods

AlexMods’ WhatsApp Plus MOD provides the most user-friendly WhatsApp Plus MOD. However, we have some fans who are willing to trade some expediency for additional assertive elements and a fresh design. Those interested in technology can use the Blue WhatsApp Plus APK by Fouad MODs. Fouad MODs also made some amazing jewels that will never be forgotten.

HeyMods has been canceled!

HeyMods is an experienced developer group that has revamped WhatsApp in at least three separate MODs. WhatsApp Plus is another one, using the same WhatsApp infrastructure but with extra security features and a personalized user interface. However, as a constraint, it would include web adverts, which would be enough to disrupt your conversation.

Download Whatsapp Plus Mod APK for Android 

To enjoy the Mobile WhatsApp Plus bliss, you may download and set up it on your device. 

To begin, you must install WhatsApp Plus on your smartphone. Following that, you must follow a simple approach to set up WhatsApp Plus without any interruptions or annoyances. All set, now click the link below to get it right away.

As previously said, utilizing the Whatsapp APK software is simple, and downloading this program is a straightforward process. The method described here is the simplest and fastest procedure for installing this application on your mobile device.

  • First and foremost, install the WhatsApp Plus application for your Mobile phone by pressing the link provided below.

Afterward, download and set up this APK application on your smartphone.

  • If you would like a comprehensive backup of your conversation, launch Whatsapp and navigate to Configuration.
  • Then after, create a full backup and allow time till your entire conversation is accompanied.
  • After that, just delete official Whatsapp from your Mobile phone by executing the easy procedures. 
  • Then, on your Smartphone, configure the Whatsapp Plus APK that you previously acquired from the aforementioned website.
  • Following installation, you must follow the easy automated procedure of entering your contact information and verifying it with an OTP key.
  • Afterward, input your name and phone number and you’re good to go. So, experience WhatsApp Plus on your Mobile phone and interact with the rest of the globe. 


Is WhatsApp Plus APK safe to use?

The legislative standing is being seriously questioned. This application was previously withdrawn from the Google Play store, but it is currently accessible for installation again. Several sources approached the WhatsApp team for an explanation, and the reply was less than satisfactory. The WhatsApp team labeled this app as unlawful and dangerous. However, officials have remained quiet on the subject. As a result, the legal position remains unknown. This application is classified as a grey list app since it is neither authorized nor unlawful.

Is it secure to use WhatsApp Plus on Mobile?

Yes, WhatsApp Plus is a completely secure software to be installed on any Mobile device. It contains no malware or viruses to abuse any mechanical or technological place on your device. Stop worrying about issues that do not accept authenticity, and download the app in your next unknown amount of time!

Is WhatsApp Plus for iOS (apple devices) readily accessible?

Apple’s engineers have built iOS with various policy hurdles that prevent you from using an application like WhatsApp Plus or any other version without a locked bootload. We don’t encourage it since none of the WhatsApp Plus programmers has created an IPA version that can be loaded on apple devices.

You may wait a little longer, and whenever we receive a notice about the WhatsApp Plus variant for iPhone and iPad, it will be displayed on the precise site.  Keep in contact and stay informed!


Bringing it together and winding down, WhatsApp Plus APK, recognized as the finest MOD ever built for WhatsApp incorporates all of the above capabilities legitimately.  After acquiring this software, you will get access to the official WhatsApp servers as well as a slew of added benefits such as encryption add-on choices, customizing choices, preconfigured settings, and a slew of other attractive features. Nonetheless, it has two limitations, which we discussed in the Limitations portion. If you think this software is entirely fantastic for turning your WhatsApp and quick messaging service into immediate results or the greatest pleasure, click the above download icon right away and begin coping with WA Plus APK from now.

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