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WhatsApp Aero APK v9.74 Latest Version [2023] Download [Official]

Whatsapp Mods
Name WhatsApp Aero
Offered By Whatsapp Mods
Size 9.74
Latest Version Latest
MOD Info Premium Unlocked
Update July 16, 2023 (5 months ago)
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Price FREE

Whatsapp Aero Apk is the finest tool designed to improve your WA experience and is rich in modifications. Everything you’re looking for is in one spot, so save time looking elsewhere. You were in mind when this user-friendly application was developed. WA Aero is filled with details that reflect your way of life. 

The modified version of the original app, known as WhatsApp Aero APK, is what we’ll be discussing today. More people are moving to this App thanks to the more features and enjoyment. It’s all in this article. To learn more, continue reading. Thanks to our fast and reliable servers, you always receive the most outstanding experience from our applications.

You won’t see any harmful or illusive corrupt adverts, unlike others. Our staff displays the material designed to meet your demands and optimize for you. We know the numerous WhatsApp modifications available for users to communicate with their familiars. Among these modifications is WhatsApp Aero.

Nearly all of the functionality of the original WhatsApp are present in this mod, along with some unique additions. There is a tonne of information regarding WhatsApp Aero APK, including its features and setup guidelines. Therefore, read the entire text to download WhatsApp Aero APK with clarity.

Whatsapp Aero

WhatsApp Aero, sometimes referred to as Aero Another recent WhatsApp Mod created by Bozkurt Hazarr is called WhatsApp. It is well-known for its themes, functionality, and user interface design. Aero WA is a simple modification that is based on Fouad Mods. It’s a famous WhatsApp mod as well. A talented coder created WhatsApp Aero.

WhatsApp Aero Apk

Everyone should try Aero WhatsApp APK at least once due to its numerous remarkable features. It offers a fresh, eye-catching user interface that rapidly draws attention. This spot enables end-to-end user encryption for chatting, just as other WhatsApp modifications like Fouad mods, which makes it ideal for usage.

Why Do People Download WhatsApp Aero APK?

Due to WhatsApp Aero’s characteristics, users like downloading the APK file to their Android devices. You can access many features when you download the most recent version of WhatsApp Aero, just as in other WhatsApp modifications. Like other WhatsApp mods like Fouad WhatsApp, GBWhatsApp, and FMWhatsApp, WhatsApp Aero APK allows you to make a tonne of tweaks and alter the appearance of your app to make it more attractive and colorful.

WhatsApp aero apk

Use Official WhatsApp And WhatsApp Aero Together

If you currently use the official WhatsApp app on your phone and want to utilize the WhatsApp Aero mod to access more features but are still determining if you can, I’m here to inform you that you can. You may simultaneously use WhatsApp Aero and the standard WhatsApp app on the same phone.

WhatsApp Aero Apk

You won’t need to delete the official app before utilizing any of them. To prevent anybody from discovering that you are running a mod on your Android phone, you may use the anti-ban function included in the mod. Simply download the app by searching for its name.

Store for Aero WhatsApp Themes

“The Aero Themes Store is a theme marketplace for WhatsApp Aero. It includes all of the YoThemes Store themes, which gives it an excellent variety of themes. Now click here to “Download WhatsApp Aero 2023.”There is an extensive assortment of themes in this vast shop.

WhatsApp Aero Apk

Home Screen Customizable

You may customize your WhatsApp home using the highly flexible home screen offered by WhatsApp Aero APK. Additionally, Aero Store offers more than ten home screen layouts for download. Bozkurt Hazarr has crafted each of these features just for WhatsApp Aero.

A faster WhatsApp Aero experience

Are you aware that WhatsApp Aero is the quickest version of the app to date? As a result, we can speak easily, load features more quickly, adjust features, etc. The most recent technology, which was utilized to create WhatsApp Aero APK, is responsible for this performance. Try it out for yourself to enter a new age of WhatsApp modifications.

Beautiful user interface and appearance

WhatsApp Aero is the most prominent WhatsApp mod when it comes to appearance. It has a gorgeous user interface that enables us to take advantage of all the advantages of WhatsApp modifications while maintaining a great impression. What do you think, then? Do you enjoy this function? The new aesthetics are simply fantastic. Give it a go. You can download WhatsApp Aero for free with only one tap on our website.

WhatsApp Aero ApK

Great assistance

You may ask Aero’s groups for assistance and theme groups’ exquisite themes. Remember to suggest an article in Spanish:).You can also keep up with Aero’s news on their official channels!

Greater File Sizes

You can transfer more files and data with the Whatsapp mod than via the standard Whatsapp. You may now email photos and movies up to 50MB each. On WhatsApp, you may transmit up to 90 pictures at once. You may exchange files like pdf, Xls, Rar, and more with this mod app. The size restriction for transmitting additional files has been raised to 500MB. Now, with the aid of this tool, you may exchange whole files.


You receive a built-in language translator with this WhatsApp mod, which is useful when speaking to a group of people from other nations. Simply choose the message, then pick the translated message.

Multiple Languages

There are more than 75 languages available for use with this WhatsApp patch. This WhatsApp, including English, Turkish, Hindi, Arabic, and others, supports 75 languages.

WhatsApp Aero ApK

Media with gallery hidden

You also have access to a media hiding function on this Whatsapp. You may use this option to remove all your Whatsapp media, including pictures, movies, and other files, from the gallery. No one will be able to see your gallery’s material if you enable this option. This functionality can also be configured for a specific conversation.


This WhatsApp captures every small change your contacts make to their profiles, including changes to their online statuses. By just selecting the log option, you may view every log.

More Privacy

Additionally, this Whatsapp mod app allows you to conceal a variety of things, like your last, seen, bio, writing, recording, etc. status online.

DND Mode

Additionally, this Whatsapp has a feature called DND or Flight mode. By using this function of the Whatsapp mod, you may entirely disconnect from the internet.

Custom Themes

You may download and install more than 3000 themes for Aero Whatsapp apk. You may modify Whatsapp’s complete user interface by incorporating a unique piece. You may add an article to this Whatsapp mod apk by following these easy instructions. First, navigate the Whatsapp mod apk settings and select the theme option. It will launch a website with a vast selection of themes. Click the apply button after downloading any article from that website. 

Lock chats And Groups

You may also use a custom pin, pattern, or fingerprint to conceal and lock your Whatsapp chats with Whatsapp Aero. Nobody can access or read a conversation that has been closed without first unlocking it. You may raise your sense of security in this way. And you can do the same thing with the WhatsApp group. Follow these instructions to lock WhatsApp chats. Open the conversation, choose the three dots, then select the option to close the discussion and enter a unique pin or pattern.

Status Viewer

This Whatsapp mod app’s functionality is excellent. Without their knowledge, you may check your Whatsapp contacts’ status updates. If you enable this function in this Whatsapp’s settings, your communication will not appear in the list of status watchers. 

Status Downloader

This Whatsapp mod also includes a status downloader that lets you quickly download Whatsapp statuses to your phone’s gallery. If you’re using this WhatsApp mod, you don’t need to download any third-party programs to get WhatsApp status.

Auto Reply

If someone sends you a message while you are offline, this software will send him a message on your behalf. Similar functionality may be found in WhatsApp Business. How to use it?

Unlike many bogus websites that constantly open pop-ups anytime we try to download APK, we provide a one-tap downloading option. Tap the button to get the WhatsApp Aero APK for Android devices. You may browse our website for more fun modifications for WhatsApp and Instagram after downloading the APK. Additionally, you may visit our website if you’re seeking WhatsApp group connections for many categories like sports, studies, love, gaming, general information, etc.

Updated Features

  • Greater performance speed
  • The Aero Themes Shop
  • Includes all YoWhatsApp themes
  • lovely user interface and appearance
  • Individual home screen
  • Anti-ban mod
  • All of Fouad Mods’ features are included under other components.

Download WhatsApp Aero Apk Latest Version

  • Wait after selecting the download option.
  • The download will soon start, so please be patient.
  • When saving the file, the path will be requested.
  • Save the URL for the apk file right now.
  • It will take a little while for the download to be finished.
  • The download will start soon, so please be patient.

How to Install WhatsApp Aero Apk for Android?

  • Go to your Android device’s settings and enable installation from untrusted sources.
  • Go to the Whatsapp Aero.apk download folder now. 
  • After selecting the apk, click the install option. 
  • It will take a little while for the installation to be finished. Once an app is installed. Launch it, register for Whatsapp, and have the pleasure
  • All you need to do to install Whatsapp Aero is that.

Download For PC

  • The straightforward procedures listed below may be used to download WhatsApp Aero on a Windows computer; 
  •  Find Bluestacks online, then download the premium emulator on your PC.
  • Opening it
  •  Enter “WhatsApp Aero apk” into the search bar.
  •  Click the “install now” option after selecting the WhatsApp Aero app.
  • Now, start sending an SMS with your preferred emojis and themes.

How to update Whatsapp Aero?

Were you using Whatsapp Aero in an outdated version? Also, do you want to update it? To update the Whatsapp Aero apk, just carefully follow these instructions. Click on the three dots to start.

  1. Now choose “WhatsApp Aero Settings,” where you will see an “update” option.
  2. The webpage for this Whatsapp will appear when you click the update button.
  3. After that, install the most recent version of this WhatsApp software by clicking the download option.
  4. You don’t need to do anything else to update Whatsapp Aero.apk on your Android smartphone.


The most recent version of WhatsApp Aero gives you greater control over your privacy and offers several customization choices. 


WhatsApp Aero won’t update automatically, so you’ll need to do it yourself.


1. What is Aero WhatsApp?

The most customized version of the original App, Aero WhatsApp, lets you personalize practically everything. The Turkish developer has made an outstanding effort to give users of this App a pleasant experience.

2. What is the difference between GB WhatsApp and aero WhatsApp?

What distinguishes WhatsApp Aero from GB WhatsApp, though, in the end? Even though they function the same way, Aero offers more fantastic interface customization options, including changing graphics, themes, fonts, backgrounds, and even emojis, as was already noted. 22

3. How do I back up my Aero WhatsApp?

In WhatsApp Aero, go to Aero Privileges > Universal > Backup and restore > Backup WhatsApp data to create a backup of your communications. Next, create a second backup in WhatsApp’s Chats > Settings menu. Go to Aero Privileges > About to find the package name to restore backups in WhatsApp Aero.


The most customized version of the original App, Aero WhatsApp, lets you personalize practically everything. The Turkish developer has made an outstanding effort to give users of this App a pleasant experience. In this article, we’ve given you good information. Whatsapp Aero is an altered version of the standard Whatsapp client. It has every function found in both GBWhatsapp and Whatsapp.

More privacy features and more than 3000 themes are included in this Whatsapp mod apk than in any other. You can download statuses, lock WhatsApp chats, hide/freeze last seen, and more. Custom emojis, animations, fonts, styles, logos, and more may be added to this Whatsapp. Whatsapp may be completely customized. You can also accomplish a lot more with this Whatsapp mod apk.

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