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Last Pirate MOD APK v1.12.19 (Unlimited Money)
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Last Pirate MOD APK v1.12.19 (Unlimited Money)

RetroStyle Games UA
Name Last Pirate
Offered By RetroStyle Games UA
Size 167 MB
Latest Version 1.12.19
MOD Info Unlimited Money
Update August 23, 2023 (3 weeks ago)
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Price FREE

The Last Pirate Mod APK, Survival Island Adventure, is excellent if you enjoy discovering new areas and showcasing your survival sense. There are various risks in this area. Let’s play Last Pirate: Survival Island Adventure right now and discover some surprises. On that island, you are the sole survivor. There are hidden risks everywhere you look. You’ll be forced to battle deadly wild creatures like Kraken or Godzilla. The objective of this game is to sustain life on the island by using its resources.

Last Pirate Mod APK

Playing as a gallant pirate in an adventure game, you and your crew are trapped on a remote island when your ship capsizes. Your mission is to prevent famine for your crew and begin the struggle for survival on this mysterious island. It’s a very mysterious night here, and dead skeletons, ghosts, and other creatures will seek you in darkness. Start hunting for valuable resources for your crew’s overnight stay. 

Last Pirate Mod Apk

Also, wipe your sword of rust. Discover food for yourself; you must also search for other creatures. Remember that you are a pirate; you must discover all the wealth on this island while remaining alive. You will not be given any food or equipment if you manage to live; instead, you will need to fend for yourself while also making some basic tools as a stepping stone for lengthy survival on this perilous lonely island. 

History of the Game

A pirate captain’s struggle for survival is the subject of the novel Last Pirate. He formerly had a large yacht that could fit a lot of passengers. However, something occurred that caused a severe storm to sweep the boat away into the sea. The skipper is fortunate to be the sole survivor and trapped on an uninhabited island. He will be relieved to be alive when he awakens on a spotless beach, but being alone and secluded will eventually harm him. Since he is the only one still present on the island, the captain must rely on his gut feeling. Next, make some tools, and set out on a dangerous trek to survive.

How to Play?

You Play a pirate role in this game. Each pirate attacks a different part of your ship. You are now on the island. You must devise strategies for surviving here. You must first be familiar with controlling your character and engaging in opponent combat. To move the character, hold down the left control button and swipe your finger in that direction. In the game, bears, wild boars, zombies, and other creatures will assault you. Therefore, you must fight them before they can harm you.

Last Pirate Mod Apk

You must press the button that depicts a hand to assault the adversaries. Additionally, your character can run and jump. The player won’t have food on hand, like in the majority of survival games. Food must be sought on the island. Food might consist of many bananas, coconuts, sugarcane, poultry, fish, etc. However, certain foods will include toxins. So be cautious and do your research before consuming them. However, you require a knapsack to store your meals and your gathered supplies. You may gather a wide variety of foods in the game. However, some of the food requires processing and cooking. Your character’s health will decline if you don’t do it.

Create Weapons

To combat the adversaries, you can also make weapons. To make new weapons, you must gather resources like wood, rock, leather, etc. Each weapon will require a different type of material. For instance, 25 WOOD and 10 ROCK are required for the Stone Hatchet and Stone Pickaxe. But to make a repair hammer, you need 50 planks of wood and 1 LEATHER. To create several effective weapons and better assault your adversaries, let’s gather many materials.

Become a proficient survivor

You have developed strong survival abilities after a protracted period of battling hunger and terror. From there, you realize that more obstacles will face you in the future and that additional survival problems are lying in store for you. 

Last Pirate Mod Apk

Over time, you learn how to make accommodations and realize that his main priority is survival. You may finally improve your real-world survival abilities by using the experience you gain from Last Pirate: Survival Island Adventure. Using what you’ve learned throughout the game to help you become great.

Different Missions

A rather sophisticated mission system is available in Last Pirate. Only a few prologue levels’ contents, nevertheless, are disclosed by the producer. Players must find the mission content on their own at higher levels. The player’s mission is quite straightforward in the early levels. You will be assigned missions following the game’s rules at the beginning. To find equipment like hammers, axes, etc., these jobs mostly involve breaking open wooden containers. To gather wood, you must chop down trees. Or you may go gather stones for use in construction and object-making. Killing wild animals and gathering food are crucial duties required for survival. You will start on tasks with greater difficulty once you can control the food supply. Some examples are building homes, fixing boats, fending off zombies, etc. You will earn several worthwhile gifts after finishing the quests. Additionally, obtain keys to several new tools.


When playing a game, you will feel more intrigued and attractive because of the realistic images and sound effects, ranging from the character’s breathing, motions, and survival acts to the sound of the sea, the gloomy forest, and the monsters’ savage animals. Adding new dangers, island bosses, cash, crafting balance modifications, extras, new outfits, and antidotes are some new elements that have been introduced. 

Last Pirate Mod Apk

The adventure game Last Pirate: Survival Island is worthwhile. It’s time to develop your survival skills. The game’s aesthetic enhances the realism of the pictures and sounds of the surrounding landscape and the people, engrossing the player and giving them a sense of being the game’s primary character. Boost player survivability by playing this game. Download the game immediately to demonstrate your skill at surviving and living out your days.

Multiple Languages

English, Russian, German, Spanish, French, Turkish, Romanian, Dutch, Korean, and up to 11 more languages are included in Last Pirate: Survival Island Adventure. These languages will make it easier for gamers to understand the task worldwide. In the game’s settings, you may modify the display language.


Three clues throughout the game demand your attention. Health, Hunger, and Thirsty Indicator are those. Your character will die if they run out of energy, forcing you to restart your quest for supplies and nourishment. But you can track down the person to take your bag. 

Last Pirate Mod Apk

Mod Features

  • No Limit to Coins
  • Numerous blueprints 
  • Godmode Free Craft
  • One Hit
  • Lightning-fast
  • High jump


Q: Is there the last pirate mod apk?

If you like exploring new places and putting your survival skills on display, The Last Pirate Mod APK, Survival Island Adventure, is fantastic. In this location, there are several hazards.

Q: Which languages does last pirate support?

The last pirate Mod Apk supports 11 more languages, including English, Dutches, Russian, German, Spanish, French, Turkish, and Romanian.

Q: How can I create weapons in the last pirate?

Different types of materials will be needed for each weapon. For the Stone Hatchet and Stone Pickaxe, you need 25 WOOD and 10 ROCK. However, 50 wood planks and 1 LEATHER are required to create a repair hammer. Let’s acquire many materials to make powerful weapons and better attack our enemies.


You shouldn’t miss Last PirateMod Apk since it’s a fantastic Android survival game. You may create, interact with others, hunt, collect, and more to get the experience you choose. You may indulge your desire for adventures on the game’s original and varied map. The obstacles posed by nature and zombies provide a familiar sensation of survival.

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