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Alarm MOD APK v5.74.03 (Premium Unlocked)
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Alarm MOD APK v5.74.03 (Premium Unlocked)

Alarm Clock Alarmy
Name Alarm
Offered By Alarm Clock Alarmy
Size 246 MB
Latest Version 5.74.03
MOD Info Premium Unlocked
Update September 10, 2023 (9 hours ago)
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Price FREE

Alarm Mod Apk is a tool that helps you get out of bed and perform a particular task to stay alert. You may also utilize different tones to keep yourself from falling asleep or make a variety of requests till you are completely awake. With the help of this program, you can create custom ringtones and alarm music so that you may wake up to your favorite tunes and start your day off right. This app is the best option if you arrive at work late since it takes all the necessary steps to get you up early. Several insanely loud ringtones might easily disturb a night owl’s slumber.

About Alarm MOD APK

A healthy exercise that makes the body more energizing and capable than ever is waking up in the morning. Yet, many users need help to rely on the device’s alarm systems and instead turn to alternate alarm programs for a better user experience.

Alarm Mod Apk

Alarmy Mod Apk is one of the best examples of a great tool with many contemporary task possibilities to wake up invigorated. Using alarm clock apps in the morning can occasionally be unpleasant and ineffective.  So why not give Alarmy a try? It’s a fantastic alarm tool that exceeds everyone’s expectations. Let’s first examine what distinguishes this app from other alarm clock apps.

How Does This App Work?

Android users may customize their frightening experiences and preferences with Alarm Clock for Your Morning-Alarmy. Feel free to use the fantastic alarming features, which will enable you to select the waking-up techniques that fit you and your preferences.

Alarm Mod Apk

The difficult assignments that require the heavy sleepers to get off their backs, to the insanely loud noises. Try out a variety of new features that have been introduced, which will assist you at every stage of sleep and put Android users entirely at ease.

If you think you could wake up and sleep again, take advantage of the helpful Wake Up Check. And feel free to set many alarms if you want to ensure you can wake up from your deep slumber. 

You can grant the app certain rights and system-wide authority to take more crucial measures. This should ensure that you recognize the specific features of the Alarm Clock for Your Morning – alarm to continue sleeping.

 Make the most of this fantastic mobile app from Alarm Clock Army by giving it a try.

Key Features Alarmy

  • Unlimited Every premium feature is unlocked.
  • No Advertisement For heavy sleepers and night owls, looping loud ringtones are available, as are soothing alarm sounds for those who like to wake up without stress.
  •  Get up and take a photo of the designated location to silence your alarm by completing the “Photo Mission.”
  • Math Mission: Solve simple or complex arithmetic problems to sharpen your thinking.

Verify Your Sanity

You may be confident of your awareness while executing tasks when you utilize the app. The above-mentioned activities will force you to engage your brain to think through difficulties or will encourage you to exercise to wake up your body.

Alarm Mod Apk

Also, the application has a sobriety index; to a certain extent, questions will rely on how well you perform. To be able to wake up, you must attempt to accomplish them.

Wake up early

Ordinary alarm clocks and alarm-setting software can occasionally work against the user. Rising early in the morning during the chilly winter months is a major challenge for many people. 

Alarm Mod Apk

The efficiency of standard alarm apps is, therefore, destroyed by the practice of “turning off the alarm and going to sleep.” Because of this, Alarmy is the ideal remedy for those who struggle to wake up early while understanding how crucial mornings are.

Due to its straightforward yet efficient mode of operation, this program confronts anybody who wants to sleep in. As a result, if users wish to turn off the device’s alarm sound, they must carry out a variety of actions.

Various Challenges 

You have several difficult tasks to accomplish to demonstrate that you are awake. To turn off the alarm, for instance, you must take a picture at specific locations that have been recorded.

Alarm Mod Apk

Next, you can choose the math mission, where you must work out challenging problems to demonstrate that you are awake. This task will only be popular with some, though! 

The step mission, which turns off the volume of the ringtone when you get out of bed and walk many steps, is the most intriguing function that works beautifully.

Turning on the Wake Up Check tool will verify that you are fully awake. You won’t doze off again thanks to this exceptional function.


In addition, setting up your phone when you wake up is simple for those of you who are interested. You may choose what information, such as the weather, news, conversations, and other items, appears first when you switch on the phone. 

Choose a topic that will inspire you or provide the most information.

Download Alarmy MOD APK for Android

Alarmy has a distinct working style and has been named one of the world’s most “annoying” alarm programs by Cent, Gizmodo, and several other illustrious publications. Yet, the robust built-in alert capabilities of this program continue to attract more users for the time being.

  • Download this app from
  • Open the downloaded file.
  • Start Installation.
  • Wait until the installation is completed.
  • Open the file and start using it.


Q: Can I use this app offline?

All aspects of the Alarmy program may be used offline, except for the news part, which needs a steady Internet connection to get changes.

Q: Is it safe to use this app?

Yeah, using Alarmy Mod Apk on any device is completely secure.


With Alarm Clock for Your Morning-Alarmy, those already familiar with the fantastic mobile software Sleep Cycle will have access to yet another fantastic app. You are welcome to use the reliable alarm functions to help you stay in your routines. And discover incredible choices that can help you develop every day. They will all be freely downloadable via our modified and unlocked app.

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