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8 BALL POOL MOD APK v55.4.3 (Unlimited Cue, LongLine, Menu)

Name 8 Ball Pool
Offered By Miniclip.com
Size 75M
Latest Version 55.4.3
MOD Info Hint Aim Lines
Update April 1, 2024 (7 hours ago)
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Price FREE

Miniclip.com has released the 8 BALL POOL MOD APK game for people who enjoy playing billiards. This awesome game, which originated in France in the fourteenth century, requires a great deal of ability to win. Billiards is quickly gaining popularity in many nations, and it is currently a popular hobby for many people. The rules of the 8-Ball Pool are totally straightforward; there are 15 balls divided equally for every 7 balls. After pushing all seven balls on your list, whoever pushes the eighth ball into that player’s hole wins. When playing billiards, you should not be subjective!


Billiards is a game that many people are familiar with, and if you are a lover of this popular game, download the 8 Ball Pool MOD APK on your cellphone to have an excellent enjoyment experience. This is the world’s number one billiards simulation game, with new and improved features. This game’s gameplay is straightforward and realistic. Players will be able to approach this game more easily thanks to a particular touch control method. This game does not demand unrealistic talent and expertise in the player, but they will be shown how to play in order to accurately place the balls into the hole. Play with your pals in order to become the best pool player!


The five different levels correspond to five important cities all over the world: London, Sydney, Moscow, Tokyo, and Las Vegas. The difference between each level is that the stakes are raised. Clearly, only the elite are permitted to access the high-class city. 8 Ball Pool clearly categorizes each type of player, resulting in a Billiard war that is enjoyable for all. It is simple to explain how to play 8 Ball Pool; simply click on the sticker symbol on the left of the screen to select the area you want and drag. You should create a precise strategy to defeat your opponent.

Multi-choice Game Mode 

8 Ball Pool offers to play

  •  1 on 1
  • play special
  •  play 9 ball
  •  play with friends
  •  practice offline. 

To play the entire game mode, you must be at least level 4. Improve your billiard shooting talents by knowing how your opponents play; each time you fail, you will learn something new. If you want to be a champion, look at the matches, a game style with 8 participants. But initially, GameDVA believes you should develop skills. The players in the final tournament are all experienced. You should not squander your money or your time.

Gain Points By Challenging With Friends

If playing with the system bores you, join the game with your pals. To play alongside your friends, you must first check in with your Miniclip or Facebook account in order to challenge your friends directly from 8 Ball Pool. With this amazing feature, you may play with your friends whenever and wherever you want and demonstrate your professional billiards skills. Participating in difficult matches can assist you in fast leveling up and improving your level of play. Play matches to advance and gain access to unique competitions with numerous talented players to test your skills.

Latest Updates

8 Ball Pool has been updated with new intriguing features, allowing players to communicate while playing. During rounds, players can use messages to communicate with one another and exchange or hunt for items. With these additional updates, the game will provide players with more appealing and fascinating options.

Enjoy Minigames And Get A Variety Of Appealing Gifts

You can easily win money, coins, pointers, and other items. Minigames in 8 Ball Pool include Surprise Boxes, Spin, and Win, Scratch and Win, and Lucky Shot. There are always free plays available, but you must wait past the time restriction. When the 3 Box Rare, Epic, Legendary is opened, it always contains a plethora of precious goodies for each player.

Either Play A 1 Vs 1 Match Or An Eight-player Match.

In 8 Ball Pool, players will be tested in numerous interesting levels and tournaments in multiplayer mode or single-player mode. To be able to play the game more professionally and win matches, you can adjust your talents in the training arenas. With this unique customization feature, you will be able to compete against the best players in the world in major tournaments and become an exclusive player. Furthermore, playing in multiplayer mode will teach you a lot of experience as well as the unique play of your buddies.

Astonishing Graphics  

The 2D graphics base, but the incredibly sharp and detailed game, has provided gamers with a more realistic and entertaining experience. The game’s effect when you hit the ball into the hole is fantastic and draws players in. Furthermore, the physical impacts and movement of billiards are incredibly versatile and exact, as is the movement of the ball.


Many distinct types of clubs are classified as Standard, Victory, Collection, Country, and Owned. Each billiard club has an appealing shape with unique parameters. There are several ways to obtain a club, including purchasing coins, cash, or opening a box. Pay attention to the blue line at the parameters Force, Aim, Spin, and Time to determine which club is best for you. To own the entire billiard club, you must work hard at the activities that can earn you bonuses.

Play To Win Money And Special Stuff

You can modify the club and board to your preference for better control. In addition, in every 1v1 competitive match, you must bet coins to participate, and if you win, you receive the coins that other players risked. You can use the money you earn to enter higher-ranked matches with higher stakes or to purchase new goods in the shop.


Altogether, the 8 Ball Pool aspires to be a billiards enthusiast’s playground. By connecting players from all around the world, you will quickly learn how to play from your opponent. The development of billiard skills has also been more favorable since then. Don’t bet too much money right away; instead, learn how to play first. Download 8 Ball Pool MOD APK to assist players in pushing the ball into the hole.

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