YouTube Music Premium APK v3.59.58 Download 2020

YouTube Music Premium APK

Do you know how to listen to crystal clear music? Music: it has been the one thing that unified the human species over the millennia. Music is popular and has been popular in any culture or society that has even been in existence. Maybe this is why people will spend big money to stream it online! If you are one of them, you will love to hear about YouTube Music Premium APK.

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What is YouTube Music Premium APK?

Now before you download a new app, you want to know all about it. Well, YouTube Music Premium APK will allow you to listen to as much music as you want to whenever you want to. The most attractive part of all of this is that it is commercial-free! This app was developed by the same people who developed the famous search engine Google. YouTube markets and distributes YouTube Music Premium APK. However, this service is not free. You will need to subscribe to it as well.

YouTube and Google developers know that the music streaming market is very competitive. After all, it is not difficult to program and develop another app and/or service that will allow users to listen to quality music from around the world for free or for a small fee. People could enjoy the same experience by using Pandora for example. But what makes YouTube likely to retain its current position as the ‘Tyrannosaurus Rex’ of the music streaming industry is YouTube Music Premium APK. The following features guarantee this:

  • Unlimited, free music – you pay for the service, not the music you stream and listen to
  • A music streaming experience that is completely uninterrupted by annoying and irrelevant advertisements
  • An innovative background that enhances your music enjoying experience
  • The ability to play lengthy and media-rich videos for hours on end without sacrificing either sound or video quality
  • A pop-up box that will play the latest or most popular music videos
  • YouTube Originals – these are videos that are unique to YouTube

Note that you’ll need to have a Google account if you want to download YouTube Music Premium APK. You’ll also need to download the MicroG App. This will allow you to sign in to your Google account on your Android phone. If you download the YouTube Music Premium APK app, you can look forward to these amazing features that are guaranteed to greatly enhance your music viewing experience. They are found only in this app:

  • You can enjoy the Background Play option. This will allow you to stream YouTube audio music while working in another app
  • The interest-based music feature will ask you what your likes and dislikes are in terms of music genres. It will then show you music (videos and audio files) from around the world according to your likes (and dislikes!)
  • The Google Assist integration will give you even more assistance if and when you run into problems while using the app
  • The equalizer balances sound quality and clarity regardless of your environment. This allows you to watch your favorite songs while at a cricket match
  • The captions feature comes in handy if you are listening to an audio file or watching a video/movie that is in another language. You can read the captioned subtitles to understand exactly what is happening at all times
  • The Playlist Creations feature allows you to create lists of different genres and types of music. This allows you to always listen to the music you want to

But YouTube Premium Music APK offers more than this

YouTube Music Premium APK

These features and abilities by themselves would be enough to allow YouTube to keep its current customers. But Google and YouTube want to expand their markets and reach. This is why they have added even more functionality to this new app. This gives you exciting new options. For example, you can:

  • Customize the music you want to listen to – now you don’t have to worry about seeing the songs you hate appear in the library, playlists, or on the homepage of the app
  • The browse option allows you to have a quick but detailed look at old and forgotten classic songs. You can also preview newly released songs or songs that are about to release.
  • You can do the same with audio files and other types of media

How to download YouTube Premium Music APK

YouTube Music Premium APK

Do the following three steps:

  • Download the YT (YouTube) Music APK
  • Enable the unknown sources option in the settings in your Android phone. Then install the app on your phone
  • Install the MicroG APK app
  • The app will be downloaded on your phone. But it is still unusable unless you install it
  • Open the app and sign in to your account. You’ll have to create a YouTube account if you don’t have one

You can now listen to quality music and visual media to your heart’s content. Note that your country must be in YouTube’s list of nations if you want to enjoy music on this dynamic app. You can expect to pay $9.99 a month for the service

YouTube Premium Music APK specs

YouTube Music Premium APK
App NameYouTube Music Premium APK
Size18 MB
Android VersionAt least a 4.0
Last updatedApril 28, 2020
Require a RootNo

You are just one click away from the ultimate music experience

YouTube Music Premium APK

With YouTube Music Premium APK you can have the music experience of a lifetime every day!

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