YouTube Dark Mode- Premium Free (2020)

YouTube dark mode

YouTube Dark Mode: The Dark Mode on YouTube enables you to shift from the white background of the standard website or application to a black background that is suitable at times particularly in a dark room.

Though it is hidden and there is no direct way to switch it on but you can easily modify some settings for enabling the dark mode on YouTube.

You can watch videos in the low light that will save your eyes from harmful lights.

It is a new additional feature on YouTube which was introduced in 2017 for desktop browsers and debuted on iOS in March 2018 on both iPad and iPhone.

In July 2018, it was introduced for Android devices. If you want to enable Dark Mode on YouTube then follow these simple steps –

For PC or Mac

If you’re using a desktop browser then –

  • Click on your account image in the right top and access the menu.
  • You will see a switch to activate Dark Theme, that is, Dark Mode
  • Switch it on, that’s it. It is simple to do manually.

This dark mode on YouTube will remain active. If you want to toggle it off, you can do so by following similar steps.

You can enjoy YouTube videos in dark lighting conditions that too without straining your eyes.

For Android

For Android, this is a recent feature and it might take a while to roll out to your Android device.

YouTube dark mode

If you can’t use it, don’t be too disappointed. To enable dark mode on your android device –

You can do from here

  • Open the YouTube app
  • Head to the Settings section
  • Press on General.
  • You will see a button to switch on the dark shade. Click on it and it is done.

Once it is switched on, then it will be on by default, however, you can change it the future easily.

To switch it off, follow the steps as mentioned above and you can switch it off.

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