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Walk Band MOD APK v7.3.6 (VIP Unlocked) for Android Download

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Name Walk Band
Offered By Revontulet Soft Inc
Size 70 MB
Latest Version 7.3.6
MOD Info Premium Unlocked
Update November 2, 2023 (5 months ago)
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A music studio software called Walk Band MOD APK enables users to make their music by selecting a wide range of musical sounds. Users will learn about the many instruments that Walk Band offers and their unique and varied characteristics. You require an app like Walk Band if you are a musician. For musicians, the walk band app is ideal. With various sample projects, this program enables musicians to compose and edit music. Therefore, today’s post will explain the walking bank and how it can be used to create music. Several instruments are combined to create music using the Walk Band app. After multiple changes, the created sounds will merge to create a finished track. It is important for users to thoroughly develop their concepts and become knowledgeable about the modes and functional aspects of each instrument. They may also decide to exclude more recordings or include new ones to increase the track’s material’s depth. 

Walk Band Mod Apk

A special jewel, the Multitracks Music software walk band, enables users to make and save their multitrack songs. The days of merely being able to listen to music are over, thanks to this software. Today, everyone can be a musician and produce stunning recordings with many tracks that can be stored and distributed to others. People who have never used a recording app before may quickly explore the many options thanks to the app’s excellent user interface. The possibilities for making incredible music are unlimited because of the large variety of instrumental sounds that are accessible, plus the flexibility to add effects and overdubs. The built-in keyboard may be used to perform tunes and build chord progressions. The sound quality is good, and the UI is simple to use.

Walk Band Mod Apk

Walk Band Apk Requirements

Suppose you’re interested in the intriguing Walk Band mobile application. In that case, you must pick the modified version of the application provided on our website, which you may always download and use without charge. The intriguing software presents its user-friendly, accessible features here for your enjoyment. But if you want to use it fully, you’ll have to pay for some in-app purchases required to open up specific functions in Walk Band.

Walk Band Mod Apk

Additionally, you must have all your Android devices running the most recent version of Android, preferably Android 5.0 or higher, for the app to function correctly on any of them. Lastly, be sure to have them available if you want to link the app to other gadgets like a MIDI controller or an external microphone. The right connections are also necessary to utilize the software to its maximum potential.

How does it work?

Walk Band has various features that can be used to successfully virtualize popular musical instruments to ensure that Android users may have the greatest tools for producing and personalizing their music. You may simultaneously play your guitar, keyboard, drum set, and other sound effects with the recorded singing from any source. At the same time, you may merge these chosen sound effects and sing them into a whole song or audio track, owing to the additional music mixer. Consequently, Walk Band may serve as your recording studio, which you can access anytime.

Walk Band Mod Apk

Several Accounts

People who prefer going on walks with friends will find this helpful because the app gives you profiles for every individual on your list. By doing so, you may create several accounts and monitor everyone’s advancement. To arrange plans with friends in advance, you will also be able to observe how long workouts last throughout the day. One of the most user-friendly aspects is that everything is done inside a simple user interface without downloading any additional plugins or applications.

Impressive Piano Keyboard

Users of Walk Band for Android may quickly imitate their piano sounds with an 88-key piano keyboard. Feel free to immerse yourself in various captivating audio adventures and interactive audio input to give you an authentic experience. Enjoy playing the virtual piano in Single Row, Dual Row, or even Two Player Mode, making it a really enjoyable experience. And when paired with the Multi-Touch feature, you may enjoy playing the piano. Investigate the simple touch pressure detections, which let you actively participate in the experiences. With Walk Band, you may tailor your input experiences by changing the key width. You are welcome to alter the keyboard sounds as you see fit so that you can easily play the piano, music box, organ, Rhodes, and synth. This should all add to the pleasure and excitement of the guitar simulation.

Walk Band Mod Apk

Drum Kits

For those interested, you can now have fun with Walk Band’s thrilling drum kits, which let you perform your favorite songs on your while using potent sound simulations of jazz, rock, hip-hop, percussion, and dance. You should get the most out of Walk Band by experimenting with the different drum pad modes and enjoying the varied demo beats. You are welcome to play your favorite rock, ballad, cha-cha, disco, waltz, and other music. The user-friendly Play Along option can also be helpful for quickly learning your favorite songs or music tracks.

Walk Band Mod Apk

Guitar Solo & Chords Mode

One of Walk Band’s most useful features is the Guitar Solo & Chords Mode. It enables you to play the guitar unaided and on your own. You may also use it to hone your guitar soloing and chord-playing abilities. You can select the difficulty level that best matches your skill level from the mode’s three available degrees of difficulty. The song may be made more challenging by changing the tempo and key. A fantastic approach to developing your guitar-playing abilities is to use the Guitar Solo & Chords Mode. 

Walk Band Mod Apk

Recording and Editing

The Walk Band app has a function called voice track recording & editing that enables you to record your voice and improve it. With the help of this tool, you may enhance or spice up the recordings you produce. You may alter the pitch or speed, add echo or reverb, or add additional effects to make your voice seem more realistic, like a professional recording. You may make voice tracks for video projects or use this function to add background music to your recordings. A fantastic method to enhance the quality and intrigue of your recordings is to record and edit voice tracks.

MP3 Converter

You may perform, record, and edit your songs with the full music program Walk Band. Its capability to convert MIDI files to MP3 format is one of its most practical capabilities. Different music software packages may produce MIDI files, which are a common sort of music file. They only work with some gadgets and players, though. Walk Band assures that your music may be played on any device by converting MIDI files to MP3 format. The converting procedure is straightforward and quick. Additionally, MP3 files require less storage space on your device than MIDI files since they are significantly smaller. Walk Band’s MIDI to MP3 converter suits musicians and casual listeners.

Walk Band Mod Apk

Upload your Creation

Walk Band’s ability to allow you to share your music with others is one of its strongest features. The app’s cloud-sharing function makes it simple to share your work with the world, whether you’re trying to collaborate on a new song with someone else or simply want to showcase your most recent recording. Simply click the “Upload” option under the “My recordings” menu to share a recording. You can execute it quietly so only those invited can hear it.   The recording may then be shared either publicly or privately. If you decide to make it public, anybody with the URL can access it and hear it. In either case, uploading your recordings to Walk Band is a fantastic opportunity to share them with other musicians and gain their criticism to develop as a musician.


On your Android devices, you may access another excellent tool for creating music. Because of this, Walk Band will provide comparable functions in a more user-friendly manner for you to enjoy. The two applications, which are both accessible for free on our website, may be used concurrently to compose your professional musical compositions efficiently.

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