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Stickman Pirates Fight MOD APK v5.2 (High Reward, Unlimited Skill)

Name Stickman Pirates Fight
Offered By PhanGia
Size 129M
Latest Version 5.2
MOD Info High Reward, Unlimited Skill
Update December 18, 2023 (3 weeks ago)
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Price FREE

In the arcade action fighting game Stickman Pirates Fight Mod Apk, combatants are all known to be skinny men. The aesthetics and controls are very simple to use.PhanGia created and released the computer game Stickman Pirates Battle based on the well-known Japanese anime manga series One Piece. There will be encounters with infamous pirates, terrifying monsters, and enormous giants in the quest. The player will fight pirates and other monsters during this journey, taking them to some of the ocean’s most remote regions.  The player will be able to complete numerous levels in the story mode where to prevail.  Start the thrilling journey in Stickman Pirates Battle.

About Stickman Pirates Fight Mod Apk

 An adventure game featuring a world of pirates is called Stickman Pirates Battle Fight Mod Apk. Battles between pirates are exploited in Stickman Pirates Fight APK. In this circumstance, you must command your stickman warrior against other enemies to get a great fortune.

Stickman Pirates Fight Mod Apk

In Stickman Pirates Battle, you take on the role of a pirate who is out to steal valuables from distant locations. Everyone dreads sneaky pirates, enormous beings, or vicious creatures. He must employ his character’s magic and fighting abilities to inflict harm and deflect counterattacks. You’ll have to contend with the most notorious pirates. Vicious beasts. The enormous titans that everyone ought to dread.


In Stickman Pirates Battle, becoming a pirate is always challenging. In this circumstance, you must command your stickman fighter against other adversaries to get great cash. Battles over position and authority may start at any time. An environment where you may fully mature into a man of great power. 

Stickman Pirates Fight Mod Apk

You may expand your network and improve your circumstances by recruiting new allies. Combat skills will be your finest ally on this difficult voyage. This incredibly well-known manga has been animated. Also, it started a huge frenzy among comic book fans worldwide. You must consider your move before making it in this tactical game. You find yourself amid a conflict and must act quickly to choose the best action. After exploring the depths of an ocean in search of and gathering historical relics, the game starts. The infamous pirate queen has dispatched her henchmen to prevent you from obtaining them. It’s time to assert your authority over her.

Key Features

  • Command many stickman warriors, each with unique skills and capabilities, throughout a series of challenging fights.
  • You may fight in various settings, including the arid desert, mountains with avalanches, and city streets. To access the places above, you must first unlock them all.
  • Employ various talents to dispatch adversaries quickly; divine strikes or fireball skills can be used to send them flying.
  • If you succeed, you can unlock several riches with various unique things if you are armed with various defensive gear and weapons.
  • Fight and steal valuables as you go up against various foes, including cunning pirates, giants, and other monsters.

Pirate Collection

You should unquestionably recruit more allies when you have earned the match bonuses. Several One Piece characters have been placed here. Using a character of your choice, you may practice improving your skills. Each hero will receive special, extraordinary skills from the Devil Fruits. They can have better combat abilities because of this. Read about the very powerful abilities you can get. Use it to frighten your opponents. Every player’s audience will feel at ease using the game’s control layout. 

Stickman Pirates Fight Mod Apk

Control is the victory.

The battling encounters in Stickman Pirates Fight will go quickly. As a result, the player must consistently engage in appropriate attacks against the opposition while exercising reasonable restraint. To advance to the next round, you, as a participant, must put up all of your efforts. To maneuver the character and execute the correct attacks, you only need to press the virtual steering wheel button, which is located on the right side of the screen. To be able to fight all adversaries, you must generally make the most of the game’s talents. Create combinations that do a lot of damage and special attacks that render the opposition helpless to counter.

Stickman Pirates Fight Mod Apk

UpGarde Your Character

In Stickman Pirates Battle, players may improve their characters to strengthen their team, greatly boosting their total power. Your main numbers, such as assault and defense, should be improved. The skill’s effect is later used more successfully than at first. Your look will eventually adjust to suit your current skill level. To satisfy the requirements to advance considerably, you’ll have to put in a lot of work because upgrading expenses are larger as you go up the levels. In the fight, you can abandon your subordinates unscathed.

Explore the World

There will be several chapters to your quest to rule the globe. A specific amount of levels must be finished in each chapter. Recreate the fabled battlegrounds that we have seen in the narrative. If you want to go on, you must overcome the formidable foes at each level. At certain levels, you’ll also run against terrifying bosses. Huge energy reservoirs are capable of eradicating anyone who approaches. To overcome all the obstacles you encounter, choose your ideal.

Join Tournament

The world’s top players assemble to battle for the distinction of winning the renowned event championship. To advance to the next round, you, as a participant, must put up all of your efforts. The system will separate your adversaries into faction-based groupings, making finding them much simpler. It will be necessary to employ tactics as much as feasible. To fully utilize your heroes’ combat prowess, they must be in excellent condition. The severity of the combat grows as you move more into the inner ring and encounter increasingly challenging foes. If you get to the finals, you’ll face the most challenging foe you’ve ever encountered.

Notorious Monsters 

You will encounter legendary pirates & monsters in addition to the straightforward enemies. You should use caution because they are heavily armed and deadly. Make use of your surroundings to defeat them.  The game also features a boss combat mode where you may compete against complex adversaries with unmatched abilities. You must exert all of your strength to overcome these strong opponents.

Defeat Your Enemy

With typical opponent kinds, you can employ divine strikes and dispatch them easily. You must employ the appropriate combat techniques and weaponry. With typical opponent kinds, you may swiftly dispatch them with divine strikes. For tougher enemies, such as “fireball,” you should utilize greater attacks.


Q: What is stickman pirates fight mod apk?

An arcade action fighting game called Stickman Pirates Fight has fighters who are all-around slim guys. In it, the user is asked to embark on a protracted expedition to some of the farthest reaches of the ocean, among other places.

Q: Can I play tournaments in this game?

 The game has a tournament where you may compete for victory in the elimination rounds and the story campaign. Gamers may download the game and take part in the visually appealing, incredibly engaging combat it offers.


Given what it offers, Stickman Pirates Battle merits being a successful video game adaptation of this well-liked comic series. Also, the MOD version on our website will enable you to benefit from unique abilities to destroy other adversaries more quickly. It contains a wonderful storyline, superb visuals, and sound systems. Get a copy of it and take on the pirate king’s strength! Along this adventure, the user will engage in several confrontations with pirates and creatures. In the narrative mode, the player can progress through several levels. Thanks for visiting us!

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