Ramp up your gaming skills to spend fruitful hours on your Android phone

Saturday, 26 February 2022 (4 months )

Playing games has been an integral part of lifestyles across communities across the world, and since time immemorial, several games have been invented in different cultures worldwide. There is no surprise that the thrill of playing a game is not necessarily a means to an end, but the end in itself, and with the advent of technology, games have become all the more popular. Nowadays, people play games not only on their computers and consoles but also on their mobile devices, such as cellphones and tablets. 

Today, people play games on their mobile devices all the time. Whether to pass the time at home while being bored, playing competitively with friends (or even strangers), or even playing games during one’s commute, people need no specific reason to play. There is no shortage of games available to play on your mobile phone. You can play pool games online or offline, just as you can play a multitude of other games such as poker, rummy, chess, car racing, and Pubg mobile lite download hack many more. 

It is fairly easy to get started with playing a game. The real challenge, however, is getting good at it  – and more importantly – winning. These two aspects are crucial as they are what entice people to play games in the first place. Needless to say, the feeling of having spent one’s time fruitfully in the pursuit of an objective is what gamers of all shapes, sizes, and ages seek. And it is this topic that today’s blog is all about. 

So, what can you do to ramp up your own skills and get better at mobile gaming? Here are some of our handy tips!

  1. Eliminate distractions

This is arguably the most important piece of advice we can offer you in your gaming journey. Just like with any activity involving skill and dexterity, playing games requires a tremendous amount of concentration and focus. That being said, try to make sure you have no distractions, and if that’s not possible, as few distractions as possible. Keep your phone on silent mode and consider taking breaks so that your concentration is not adversely affected. 

  1. Play more games

One of the more obvious suggestions, but one that is sure to help you go a long day, is that you should play a variety of different games. The more games you play, the more skilled you will become. This will help you in playing different roles and completing a diverse set of missions and tasks and also help you adjust to the environments of new games much more easily. 

  1. Practice, practice and practice some more

We recommend that you view gaming as learning an instrument, a new language, or even like mathematics homework. The only difference being that gaming has a greater element of fun! Just like mathematics has an assortment of topics, and languages have various elements such as grammar, sentence structure etc., and how instruments can take a long time to master, games too, in a similar fashion require a high level of engagement and practice to get better. The more you play a game, the better you will become at it. 

  1. Play with or against experienced players

While it may feel superficially rewarding to play against people you’re significantly better than, the real test of your playing prowess is when you play with or against people who are better than you. There is no real skill or lesson to gain from competing against people you are better at, whereas if you partner up with or challenge someone who is better than you, you will get to learn a lot and improve your own skills in the process. By playing with more skilled players, you will begin to notice a very considerable difference in your own style of play, as you adapt to different styles and become a more adept player. 

  1. Watch streams of professional gamers

Just like watching cooking shows gives you a better idea of the various techniques to use for different ingredients, watching professional players play on streaming platforms is a brilliant way to understand how they respond to and tackle various situations in a game in real-time. Not only do you get to watch them play, but through their commentary you can also learn a lot about how their mind works when they play, and you can also try and incorporate the techniques they use when you play as well. Being able to pick up and apply even a few of the tactics and techniques professional gamers use will help you immensely.

  1. Join clubs or play with like-minded friends

You may have heard the old saying ‘there’s strength in numbers. This quote is very true in gaming. Just by interacting and playing with different people, you will be able to exchange experiences and learn from each other. You can share your tips with them and they can share their tips with you, resulting in a mutually enriching experience that will help both of you get better. 

  1. Master the art of maintaining your composure

Haste makes waste. An impulse-driven decision may end up being one you regret for a long time. Even more frighteningly, letting your anger get the better of you in a high-stakes game could very easily leave you in a far worse situation than when you started. The best gamers will be seen to remain calm and composed even during highly stressful situations, and this is a skill that you need to master. Being calm and maintaining your composure will help you make crucial decisions without getting swayed by emotion or getting overwhelmed. 

  1. Consider getting a third party controller

Compact, powerful, and user-friendly as they may be, small touchscreen phones can only offer you so much in terms of flexibility. Given the sheer variety of gadgetry available today, you can choose from several third-party controllers to pair with your mobile phone. Physical buttons on a controller make playing games a whole lot easier, and Android phones have a feature that lets you connect console controllers. 

These are just some of our tips on how you can increase your chances of winning whatever game you choose to play on your Android phone. We do hope these tips come in useful to you. As we mentioned earlier, the more you play, the better you’ll become. Happy gaming! 

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