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Are you a cricket lover and want to watch IPL live? If yes then this post is for you Today we have brought you an app through which you can watch IPL live without buffering without any ad without any problem. The name of the app is OreoTV APK latest version of 1.9.1 This app is absolutely free OREO TV Apk for you, which our website is giving you.

Now talk about this, there are more than 7000 live channels that you can enjoy on your Android device where you can watch movies, cricket, football, TV series, web series, and shows. You can download the Oreo Tv Apk through the link given below. As we know that the IPL season is going on and people do not want to pay to watch cricket scores.

For this, keeping this in our mind, we have published Oreo tv on our website where you can install it today for free. And you can watch live IPL for free till the entire IPL. You can also download Oreo Tv APK in a smartphone, whether it is a normal smartphone, Android, IOS. Oreo Tv app is installed on every phone to enjoy IPL and more premium features. You can watch any channel of support through this app, watch movies, watch TV shows, sports channels, games, etc.

The biggest thing is that you can watch the T20 IPL live. It is an add-free app without pay a single rupee that you get absolutely free. Take advantage of it. In this, we have told you all the features and to download the way has also been told that follow the steps below. Download it on your Android phone. It is very easy to install on your Oreo tv for PC & Windows too. Next, we will talk about what its features are and how to use them.


Yes, the oreo tv apk is different from the oreo cookie! Have you heard of oreo tv apk? Well, though that may have made you think about the world-famous oreo cookie, it’s actually an android app. What its users love about it is its ability to provide them with FREE and new media. In fact, if you get it, you’ll have access to the best in programming from over 6,000 live channels on TV! This is clearly an app that you can’t do without!

What is Oreo TV APK

Oreo TV APK is the app for you if you just can’t do without streaming live sports like IPL. For example, you’ll be able to stream live cricket matches to your heart’s content. But what you can do for cricket, you can do with other live sports games. These include hockey, football, soccer, etc…the beauty of Oreo TV Apk is that you can install it on any android mobile device ever made. All you have to do is have a device with a certain operating system.

You’ll have instant access to millions of the best titles ever produced in terms of television shows, comedy, movies, sports, etc…

As we have already told you in the open section about Oreo TV APK. The Oreo TV app is designed to watch live stream cricket, movies, TV shows, All Games Sports. It has been designed to watch live channel scores. Here you can find the latest new movie. Watch live shows too. If we talk about 2021, then people like to watch channel scores live in 2021 and 2021.

The biggest thing is that here you can watch IPL live for free. Use on  Android and download Oreo TV APK on your phone and even on your computer PC. Watch any channel or sports games etc. If we talk about cricket or IPL or watch any latest movie live. Then this app for all these things.

It has been designed in 2021 and 2021, people like to watch live sports and movies so much that you can use the Oreo TV app on Android, iOS, and your computer PC. You can install it on any device Successfully through the link. It is a very good app if you watch IPL live for anyone who is looking for it.

I suggest you install this app and watch IPL live without any ad and without any difficulty. We have given you step by step guide below on how you can install Oreo TV APK. You are not paying any money here, it is absolutely free, so go ahead on our site and know about its features and how to download it.

Oreo TV Mod APK

Oreo TV Mod APK is a premium version, where you get premium features. If you buy normal and Oreo TV APK premium, then you will not have to pay money to use normal features here. But if you do its premium version then you have to pay money. Don’t worry! We have found a great Creak here by which you can use Oreo TV APK Premium for free.

And enjoy its all premium features for free. It is designed by the developer and A lot of hard work has been done on this to make it for you which is absolutely free on our site. Oreo tv APK is available only to a premium user who has to pay monthly subscription fees.

But you do not have to pay any money here and you can use it for free. You can watch live TV here, you can watch live cricket and any show for free. We have told everything about it above. Now here we will tell you to know how you can install Oreo TV APK.

You can download it here for free on any of your devices. And you can install OreoTv TV APK Prime in your window or PC, Android phone device for free. We suggest you see the downloading steps below and install them on your device.

Why install Oreo TV App

So why install Oreo TV APK? After all, there are dozens of apps for Android mobile devices that will allow you to stream live media content for free. Additionally, they will do so from the latest and most popular media and T.V. channels online! You need this app in your life because it has some useful (and interesting) features!

You will be aware of many such apps that show you live stream cricket matches. Here I am talking about some apps which show you live stream matches like Thop TV APK and Hotstar Mod Apk. You can also watch live movies, shows, series, cricket on these apps. You can watch streaming cricket matches but here we are talking about Oreo TV APK.

This is an app where you can use premium features for free, watch IPL, you can give any support movies. This app is easy to download on any device. Have a lot of fun using this app. You do not have to see any ads in this app. Use it without any buffering problem.

If you have any problem or install issue comes, you can give your question by going to the comment box below our post. Our team will solve your question as soon as possible. You must install this app and come to live movies, shows, cricket scores, to enjoy for free.

Oreo TV APK Features

Now we are going to tell you about Oreo TV APK features by which you will know this app very well and you will be able to use it in a good way. These are all the premium features which you are getting absolutely free. Through this, you had drawn many more live stream sports new HD support. Which you will be able to use. We are sharing the all detail about all the features here. Through which you can use this app well, so let’s go ahead with the features. Know about what are the features and what are their uses.

No Ads

Netflix Premium Apk

We know that whenever the ads come while working or while watching any video or IPL. We get very angry but you do not have to worry if you use this app. Then you have no ads in it. You will not be able to see any ad in this app. It is a very good feature. Through which we can save our time and our energy. So in this app, you will not get to see any ad, you can enjoy it without seeing the ad for free.

HD Support

This is a very good feature, here you are getting HD support, which is absolutely free for you. It is a premium feature, but we are giving this free to you on our site. It gives you HD quality to match any video or lives stream. You can watch a sports movie and many channels, then you can sit and enjoy it and make your life.

Channel List

This is a very good idea that you are getting free, here you can make a list of more than 6000 channels and you can watch it. You can also put it in your favorite channels list, whatever your favorite channel is, make it a favorite and make a list whenever you want. You can see this list. And you can enjoy it, this is the best feature that you are getting absolutely free here, it is definitely used here.

Free Membership

Who wants to spend money, this feature is just for you, here you get free membership, which is very good. People find it but they do not get a free subscription or membership but this app is giving you free membership. where you By logging in for free, you can create your account and use it for free. This is a very good feature, I would say that you can save your time and a lot of money on it.

Live stream

wow, this is my favorite feature I hope you too will have this feature because this feature gives you a live stream match. All the sports channels where you can watch cricket or any sports game. If you are a cricket lover then this feature is for you. It is very beneficial to go here and watch off IPL live without any problem. I would say this app is only for you because you love watching IPL and now the IPL is running, you can enjoy the premium features.

Download Support

Here you get full download support if you have any problem downloading or installing. We have a team for support. Here, our team gives full support to solve your problem. If you face any problems, you can comment below our post. You can comment by going to the section below and our team will solve your problem as soon as possible, which is a great thing.

More Features of Oreo TV App

Oreo TV APK’s most useful and notable features include:

  • The ability to watch two live shows at once. For example, you can watch the latest thriller featuring Sunny Leone WHILE you are streaming the latest cricket match. You’ll be able to do all of this while working on that ground-breaking presentation for your boss while riding the train to work.

  • You’ll have FREE access to the latest live programming from more than 6,000 online television channels

  • Oreo TV APK shows channels from the Indian subcontinent. This includes India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. As an added bonus, the app will stream the best in media content from live online television channels in America and Canada

  • The Jio TV and Hotstar plans are included with Oreo TV APK.

  • Access to all of the titles you can watch. This literally translates into hundreds of millions of titles that you can access every month. You’ll be able to access tens of thousands of titles every week and hundreds (of titles) every day! The beauty behind all of this is that you won’t pay praise for any of this. You’ll have access to the best titles from every country that has ever produced visual media. This means that you can watch independent Swedish movies made more than sixty years ago!

  • Oreo TV APK has a premium plan and feature. It’ll be music to your ears when you learn that this is free for you! This plan and feature actually allow you to download your favorite shows and titles. This allows you to watch them at your convenience. What’s even better is that you have the option of watching them either online or offline! In fact, Oreo TV APK is one of the FREE online media streaming platforms that offer this option. It may please you to learn that you can transfer the titles and movies to other mobile and traditional devices. You’ll now be able to watch your favorite media on either your iPad or your laptop computer.

  • Superior quality. Unlike as is the case with other FREE online media streaming platforms, you get to choose the pixel quality you want to watch your shows or movies in. you have plenty of pixels to choose from. These include: 380p, 460p, 1080p, and much higher. In fact, you (literally) have a huge menu of options to choose from. You’ll swear that you’re at a ‘digital cafeteria’ with all of the different options that you can choose from in terms of pixel quality. You can also save certain media with a particular pixel quality. You’ll be able to pull the media up at a later time and watch it either online or offline with the same pixel quality.

  • Oreo TV APK is loaded with categories. Indeed, if a particular media category exists, you’ll be able to find it on this app. It doesn’t matter if it’s some unique and/or infrequently used/not well-known category. You’ll be amazed as to just how many categories you can choose from. Of course, you’ll have access to the traditional categories like sports, comedy, news, etc…all of this is possible because the app is able to access the vast and global entertainment world that exists on the World Wide Web (WWW.) You’ll even be able to find cartoons and educational shows for your kids.

  • The app has an intuitive interface. In plain English, this means you’ll have no trouble finding what you want quickly. This is a good feature for any Android app to have since people who stream media on their mobile devices are busy and on-the-go!

  • You won’t need to create an initial profile and account and then log in afterward. Oreo TV APK is open-source. This means anyone who pulls up the URL can immediately stream FREE media.

Oreo TV for PC Windows

There are many advantages to getting the Oreo TV APK app. They are listed below:

  • The ability to switch and browse through different channels and media platforms instantly. An intuitive and easy-to-use user interface makes this possible. What’s even better is that you can learn how to use this interface in a few seconds.

  • The app comes with a video player. This allows you to watch movies on your Android mobile device with the same pixel quality and audio clarity that you would in a modern movie theater. Furthermore, the app preserves the special effects of the particular movie that you’re streaming.

  • You can download movies and other visual media content. It’s then possible to send these files to your personal computer or another mobile device. From there, you can watch this media on traditional media apps like RealPlayer, MX Player, VLC Media Player. You’ll be watching your favorite show or movie in the same clarity and audio quality that you would if you were either streaming it live or watching it on your television set or in a movie theater.

How to Install & Download Oreo TV APK on your Android Device

Do the following if you want to install this device on your favorite Android mobile device:

  • Go to the enable sources button in your Settings panel in your Android device and click on it
  • This activates the enable sources option on your mobile device
  • Download the latest version of Oreo TV APK
  • Go to the downloads option in the APK file directory
  • Enable the option by swiping down on the screen
  • Click on the file Oreo 1.8.3 APK
  • You’ll see an application wizard appear. Tap on the run button that appears there
  • You’ll start the download process which will finish in just a few seconds.
  • Search for the now enabled Oreo TV APK file
  • Tap on the open or done option. This will finish the installation process.
Download Oreo TV APK Latest Version 2021


Version 2.0.0
File Name Oreo Tv APK Premium
App By Oreo TV
Category Live Stream
Features Oreo TV APK
Price Free
Play store Click
Last Updated April 09, 2021
File Size 4.81 MB

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have to pay to use Oreo TV APK?

No, using this app is completely free. It will always be that way

How big is the file?

This app will only occupy 5MB of space on your Android mobile device. This makes it relatively lightweight in terms of ROM and RAM memory used and occupied.

Will the app put bugs and viruses on my mobile device?

NO, this app will not put any harmful malware or trojan viruses on your Android mobile device. It’s completely safe to use on any Android mobile device.

Do you have to watch lots of annoying and irrelevant ads when you are streaming live media or watching downloaded files?

No, this app doesn’t feature any ads

Can you use this app on firestick?

Yes, you can use Oreo TV APK on firestick devices

You’ll love OREO TV APK

Well, you love Oreo cookies, don’t you? Similarly, once you start using the Oreo TV APK app regularly, you’ll wonder how you ever watched media without it!


So it was all about Oreo tv Apk. We hope you liked this post. If you have any doubts or have any questions, then you can comment by going to the comment box below. Our team will try to reply to your comment as soon as possible. And whatever your problem will be to try to solve it as soon as possible.

If you want to download more apps or APK mods then you can visit our website AllTechcloud where you can get Netflix Mod Apk, Thoptv  Apk, Hotstar Mod Apk, and many more premium apps, games, Mod APK. You can download mods and enjoy them for free. So today is all about the Oreo tv app in this post. We will meet you soon in this very next post.

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