Nova Launcher Prime APK v7.0.57 Download (2022) [Updated]

Saturday, 26 February 2022 (4 months )

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Do you know what Nova launcher Prime APK is useful for?

If you are one of the many millions of people around the world who own an Android phone, you are very familiar with the term APK. Android currently makes dozens of APK based apps for Android phones. These apps are like a godsend to you (and other Android phone owners) because they literally simplify your life and make your Android experience much more pleasant and enjoyable. Well, there is a new app called Nova Launcher Prime APK that promises to continue this trend.

What is Nova Launcher Prime APK?

If you are like most people who are Andriod phone owners, you likely wonder what Nova Launcher Prime APK is. The answer is, “Nova Launcher Prime APK can be considered to be the ‘master of all Android apps’ because it allows you to download Android apps at will and with great ease. You will be able to adjust the settings and many features of your Android phone with just a few clicks.

But the magic of this app doesn’t end here. The app would not be one of the top-selling and most powerful Android apps currently on the market if its abilities and features ended there. The app is so powerful that it allows you to change (customize) the settings on your Android phone. This will allow you to download and install any Android app imaginable (including ones that are still to be released) on your phone with just a few clicks. Gone are the days when you had to enable the ‘unknown sources’ settings on your phone to download novelty APK apps.

What its users love most about this new app is its appearance and versatility. After all, this app gives them (the users) the ability to change and control every setting and aspect of their phone (this includes their phone’s operating system to a limited extent!) Some of the amazing abilities you’ll have with this phone if you get the app are:

  • Change the appearance and presentation of current and future apps on your phone – Nova Launcher Prime APK currently has thousands of icons and themes that you can choose from in order to do this.
  • The presence of themes allows you to customize the layout and presentation of your phone’s display at any time and with a couple of clicks.
  • You can choose from dozens of gestures
  • You can choose from many custom actions
  • The app’s many unread badges will allow you to verify the security and authenticity of any app you want to download in the future. It will allow you to do this with the apps that are already on your phone
  • The custom night mode allows you to give your phone’s display a ‘cool’ appearance
  • The dark theme will make your phone look new age. It can also help you conserve battery power. This will help your phone last for longer between chargings.


Nova launcher Prime APK

As you guessed, an app as versatile and revolutionary as the Nova Launcher Prime APK has many beneficial features. Note that you have to have the premium version of the app to access these features. They are:

  • The ability to edit an app’s name and icon. You can give your new and existing apps unique names and appearances that you would easily recognize. This will help you if you ever need to download a newer version of a particular app.
  • You will never have to worry about missing an (important) message again. The app will show you unread count badges which will represent each and every message you may have failed to read immediately. This works on various and diverse social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. You’ll also be able to access missed messages immediately on mail and message platforms like Gmail, WhatsApp, and Google Hangouts (among other apps.)
  • You can tell your Android phone what you want it to do next with a simple swipe. This is possible because of the gestures feature. It works off of two-finger rotation, swipe, double-tap, and other new and powerful technologies and methods. The powerful technology of this app will immediately and accurately relay your intentions to your phone through accurate signals. Your Android phone’s Operating System will respond accordingly. This is especially useful when you want to open an app quickly – you may, for example, want to make a payment through your phone using as little physical contact as possible.
  • You can hide apps when you don’t need them with the hide apps feature. It comes in handy when you want to conserve space on your display screen.
  • The Dark mode/night mode feature allows you to change the display of your screen and layout colors according to a specific time that you set in advance. You will love the fact that this feature works automatically.
  • You can use the app drawer groups feature to set up customized and unique folders where you can store various apps based on a particular category, theme, or more!

Nova Launcher Prime APK Specs

As you guessed, this app has certain specifications. Specifications are partially certain requirements that your phone must meet for you to download a particular app. Note that all Android and iPhone apps (for that matter) have specs. The ones for Nova Launcher Prime APK are:

Nova launcher Prime APK
App Name Nova Launcher Prime APK
Size 29 MB
Version 7.0.57
Installs More than 5 million to date
Android Support 4.0 and above
Offered by Tesla Coil Software
Last Updated Feb 22, 2022

Download Now

How to download Nova Launcher Prime APK

  • Go to Settings. Click on Nova Launcher Prime APK File.
  • You will install it on your device by enabling the ‘unknown sources’ option
  • Open the app
  • Select the Start Fresh option
  • Select the next button
  • You can select your theme from two options: Light or dark mode
  • Select the next button
  • Choose the drawer and style that suits you
  • Select the ‘apply’ button
  • Select the Set Default Launcher option – this will download the app
  • Press the home button on your screen.
  • Migrate to Nova Settings
  • You have installed the app
  • You can now customize it as you please

Nova Launcher Prime APK gives you real power!

Because Nova Launcher Prime APK allows you to control large functions and parts of your Android phone, it gives you real power!

Download Nova Launcher Prime APK v7.0.57 Download (2022) [Updated]

You are now ready to download for free. Here are some notes:

  • Please check our installation guide.
  • To check the CPU and GPU of Android device, please use CPU-Z app
5/5 - (1 vote)

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