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Ninja Survivors Online MOD APK v1.380 (Unlimited Money)
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Ninja Survivors Online MOD APK v1.380 (Unlimited Money)

Puzzle Monsters
Name Ninja Survivors Online
Offered By Puzzle Monsters
Size 100 MB
Latest Version 1.380
MOD Info Unlimited Money, Menu
Update September 5, 2023 (1 week ago)
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Price FREE

Ninja Survivors Online is a visually appealing action role-playing survival game. The game includes gorgeous 2D visuals that appear like cartoons and have the appropriate amount of effects at all times. The Ninja is a famous Japanese warrior emblem. This character design may be found in a variety of popular games. Visit, join the action, and go to Ninja Survivors Online. The ninja community immediately went crazy over it. Ninja Survivors Online will be available to children above the age of seven. Ninja Survivors Mod APK is the PRO version of Ninja Survivors APK. You may effortlessly finish all duties and criteria in Ninja Survivors Mod APK. You frequently need to spend a lot of time or money to gain easy rewards, but by utilizing Ninja Survivors Mod APK, you may often reach your goals briefly.

About Ninja Survivors Online MOD APK

You may join up with pals and battle against swarms of monsters in a dynamic game-play experience with Ninja Survivors Online Menu, Money, Player Speed, and Kills Count! Its simple roguelike and survival game principles allow you to put your skills to the test against the fiercest foes. You won’t have to go it alone; team up with other survivors to take on epic tasks that demand teamwork to master.

Ninja Survivors Online Mod Apk

With Ninja Survivors Online, you won’t just survive; you’ll fly to triumph! Staying connected with people has never been more enjoyable or exciting than with this game.  This is an exciting roguelike survival game for both solo and multiplayer play! Not simply a combatant but also a shinobi with exceptional survival skills. The shinobi persona hides the fighting talent and the desire to live the money. Controlling actual combat shinobi characters is thrilling, especially for video game fans.


He is a formidable ninja with a shinobi whom the guy continues to pursue. Ninja Survivors Online lets users take on the role of a combat and survival Ninja. When the monsters attack, the players must battle and handle the situation. It’s not easy, Auntie when everything happens so rapidly. Monsters spawn indefinitely, and the player becomes the ultimate fighting shinobi.  The survival ninja characters are manipulated and controlled by the players.

Ninja Survivors Online Mod Apk

While battling the game, is exciting and enticing to gamers. They are continually upgrading and exploring for new combat methods to maintain their position as the strong shinobi in the gaming world. They are met by terrible creatures that strike but do not stop as they continue to give birth and increase over time. The skill advanced far too rapidly, fighting and defending against all creatures. When adversaries strike, the stages speed up, and you won’t have time to recover your breath. Ninja Survivors Online includes a straightforward fighting system. The only thing the player needs to do is keep moving their character, and the ninja will attack it.

Features of Ninja Survivors Online Apk

The character will also have access to extraordinary abilities that allow him to eliminate large groups of adversaries quickly.  You may increase your character’s combat skills by killing a set number of animals, and these advancements will accumulate over time. There will be more monsters in the future, demonstrating the need to be swift on your feet.

Survive Together

Don’t live alone; let’s survive together, says Ninja Survivors Online. Because in this game, ninjas will not battle alone but will collaborate to establish elite fighting groups with your assistance to live.

Ninja Survivors Online Mod Apk

 Players in Ninja Survivors Online have turned to this conflict resolution strategy because of the difficulties of opponents. When playing Ninja Survivors Online, you must watch for two categories of adversaries. For starters, herds of animals frequently attack in tandem. Second, these enormous superiors possess unusual and unpredictable abilities. Maximize your character’s strengths and equip them with the most significant equipment to assure success.

Battle and Survive

Monsters will encircle the shinobi that the user controls to combat them. Survive by fending off all the approaching creatures. They form a circle around themselves and become exceedingly hazardous over time.

Ninja Survivors Online Mod Apk

They are becoming increasingly powerful. Thus the player must constantly counter. You must battle and survive in this Ninja Survivors Online fighting action shinobi game. Know ahead of time what the shinobi will face in the game. Players will find fighting exciting and novel, as well as the ability to survive as the finest shinobi in the match as monsters surround them. In this game, you’ll learn how to solve issues and battle. Feel free to accept the difficulties that these games give to the players.


Ninja Survivors Online’s image quality greatly pleased us. This game has a 3D graphics format with a bright cartoon aesthetic. As a result, you will appreciate the inspiring struggle for survival depicted on the screen. It may be the arrival of adorable ninja characters, a massive monster system, or a varied terrain. Furthermore, the talents in the game are shown quite smoothly, giving you a sensation of excitement when playing.

Choose Your Favourite Ninja

Ninja Survivors Online is ideal for everyone wishing to wield a katana and scale walls like the ninja of their fantasies. You may explore this exciting online game’s many talents and advantages by creating your personalized ninja. Players may traverse intriguing environments while completing quests, adversaries, and puzzles to develop their mix of attacks and unique powers. Ninja Survivors Online gives hours of fun and amusement as you attempt various methods to play with your chosen ninja, whether you choose a more conventional form of battle or an inventive approach to confront adversaries. Prepare to draw your weapons and wreak havoc in Ninja Survivors Online.

Constantly rising power

Ninja Survivors Online demands users continually improve the strength of their ninjas to live in merciless confrontations. Indeed, this game provides several possibilities for players to improve their strength over time. It involves selecting the best combat abilities and weaponry for each battle. Reading the material regarding weapons and talents carefully is also vital.


Q: What is Ninja Survivors Online mod apk?

Ninja Survivors Online now has a game-level structure for players. Updates and advancements over time increase the potency of great shinobi characters. Players can engage in and experience challenging modes and many new items.

Q: How can I install Ninja Survivors Mod Apk?

First, delete the original Ninja Survivors Online App since the signature will clash with the mod version. Then download the app and install it.


Ninja Survivors Online reinvents online gaming by giving users authority over the techniques required to play and win! This game puts players’ strategic thinking and problem-solving skills to the test. The game has multiple levels and stages, each with its unique set of problems. To go forward while evading opposing strikes, players must mix diverse techniques. Consider updating your ninja and outfitting them with the most fantastic equipment to reach top performance. Also, encourage your friends to join you in the rogue-lite adventure, for success is also dependent on teamwork!

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