Mad Modder Video Games For Android

Mad Modder Video Games For Android

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Updated September 13, 2020
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Have you heard of the Mad Modder? The great British classic Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carrol has the Mad hatter. Similarly, computer games have mad modder.

Just as this book had the crazy rabbit who was the mad hatter, this video game has a crazy thief. However, unlike Alice in Wonderland, the mad modder is the main character of this game.

Read further if you want to learn more about this unique and interesting character and the game which it makes a must play.

What is This Video Game?

Well, the video game which has the mad modder as the main character is DC Universe. This versatile character also appeared in another computer gamed called Teen Titans. The interesting thing about it is that it appears many times and in strategic situations in both games. 

More About The Mad Modder

This computer character was originally a fashion designer who worked on Carnaby street. This is a street in London, England. He was an ordinary ‘person,’ but with not so great intentions. Mad Modder wore clothes that were in line with the mad mod style of dressing in England (at the time.) He became known for his nature to steal various goods from stores and smuggle them out in his clothes.

The Mad Modder Evolves

As mentioned earlier, this character also appeared in another popular (British) computer game known as Teen Titans. He evolved and got really interesting there. For example, he once tried to steal Queen Elizabeth II scepter after one of his smuggling attempts failed. He appears in the Teen Titans sequel, but he appears to have reformed there. The mad modder does not steal anything. Instead, he simply designs fashionable clothing for rich British people to wear.

The mad modder belongs to a group called Diablo in the Teen Titans sequel. This group’s objective is to make sure that the original Teen Titans (good guys) forget their original identities and actions when they were previously part of another group. 

The central character (it) looks much different in the sequel. He doesn’t look like the typical British fashion designer who acts unusually by stealing things from stores. Instead, he looks like an American or British hipster from the 1960s. For example, he has a handlebar mustache and looks like he could belong to the popular British band from the 1960s The Beatles.

Teen Titans takes an interesting twist when the heroine of the game, Bumblebee, is questioned by the mad mod when her husband is mysteriously kidnapped. In this way, the mad mod assumes a new role of being a unique detective. The kidnapper is Mister Twister. He is the Diablo group’s main enemy and one of their other main objectives is to stop him from hatching his sinister plans.

The Mad Modder is no Ordinary Fashion Designer

Most fashion designers attend fashion shows and design amazing clothes for rich people and models to wear. The mad modder takes an interesting twist on this by initially acting as a thief and then acting as a detective who tries to help people and save lives!

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