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Lumber Inc MOD APK v1.9.4 (Unlimited Money)

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Name Lumber Inc
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Size 126.29 MB
Latest Version 1.9.3
MOD Info Unlimited money, gems
Update April 22, 2024 (1 month ago)
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There are a huge number of trees in the world, and they are used today for a wide range of products. Sponges, chewing gum, tattoos, paper, rubber, fuel, car wax, hair dye, chocolate, and many other products are made from trees. Despite the ease with which Lumber Inc MOD APK can now be obtained, you will also need skilled laborers to assist you. If you’re interested, download Lumber Inc right away. You can use lumber to launch a business in this game! The only way to get lumber in this place is to grow trees. Growing trees takes years in the real world, but in this place, it only takes a few days. Then you can bring on more staff, train them, and expand your company to even greater heights. Additionally, you can upgrade many machines and buy vehicles

About Lumber Inc MOD APK

Today, there are countless establishments and trees all over the world. There are trees everywhere, and they provide many advantages for people. They can be used to create different products, provide shade, and even oxygen. So why not download Lumber Inc right away if you want to start a business using trees right now? You can play this game to start your own lumber empire. You will need to regularly plant a large number of trees and harvest logs in this area.

Lumber Inc Mod Apk

Many machines are then waiting in the background to finish the process for you. You can manage forests in this game by hiring planters, lumberjacks, and other workers. They can then be trained to become more effective and productive. In addition, you will upgrade existing machines and construct milling chains to process logs more quickly. Then, to keep up with demand, you must upgrade and maintain vehicles as well. Here, everything will be under your control, including marketing and expanding your company.

Features of Lumber Inc Apk

Although there are already quite a few lumber businesses, you can launch your own by downloading Lumber Inc right away. Lumber Inc Mod Apk offers both opulent features and traditional gameplay mechanics to give users an exceptional business experience. Users have the opportunity to use their business expertise, sales, and marketing strategies to generate revenue. Below, we’ve covered the in-depth gameplay components;

Turn Into The Lumber King 

There are quite a few businesses operating in the world today, many of which are for profit. People are considering various business ideas today in order to meet consumer demand and generate profit. This helps to generate a large number of jobs and maintain economic stability. So, Lumber Inc is the game for you if you want to start a business involving trees.

lumber inc mod apk

To make money in this situation, you will need to plant trees, gather logs, and sell them. You can currently take control of a lumber company in this game. You must plant trees in this location and harvest them as well. To help you with this, you’ll then need to hire planters and lumberjacks. In addition, you’ll need to purchase and upgrade equipment like forklifts, log trucks, milling chains, and many others.

Manage Forests 

Since trees are Lumber Inc.’s primary product, you’ll need to plant a lot of them. Here, you will manage your forests by routinely planting trees and growing your forests by hiring tree planters. Additionally, you can employ and educate lumberjacks here so they can effectively gather logs.

lumber inc mod apk

Today, there are many vacant lots where trees can be planted, and if you want your company to expand, you’ll need to keep doing so. Today’s simulation game offers a lot of entertaining things to look forward to.

Hire People 

You’ll need to hire a lot of people in Lumber Inc. to keep the company running. This applies to today’s employees, such as tree planters and lumberjacks. In order to increase your revenue in this game, you can train your employees to work harder. If you just have the money for it, there are plenty of workers available today.

Purchase A Variety Of Tools, Vehicles, And Operating Equipment

You must complete various tasks in Lumber Inc, such as creating products from the harvested trees. Massive labor is required as businesses grow in order to make things accessible to everyone, including the purchase of a variety of machines for making lumber, cutting logs, forklifts, trucks, vehicles for transportation, and personnel to manage business affairs. Staff from the sales department, marketing campaigns, management, and more. Hire freshmen to train as skilled laborers and skilled people with experience in the tree business.

lumber inc mod apk

Upkeep And Improvement 

By purchasing log trucks, forklifts, and many other items today, you can also maintain and upgrade vehicles. Additionally, you can upgrade and maintain them right now to earn more cash later on. In this simulation game, there are a lot of things you can upgrade, and the choice is entirely up to you.

Manage Sales 

As the business’s owner, you’ll also be in charge of creating marketing strategies to draw clients to your establishment.

Biz Upgrade 

Each order in the game results in the awarding of “Biz Upgrade” points to the players. With these ideas, you can increase the factory’s income going forward. You can also purchase new lumber factories to increase your earnings. Notably, at the start of the game, you have very little money to hire and train employees. However, as the factory sales gradually increase and you earn more business points, you can use your earnings to increase the productivity of your factory by hiring more staff, equipment, and sawmills. Additionally, you could buy additional plots of land and plant more trees with the money.


Get the Mod for Lumber Inc. Apk to take advantage of being a business owner in the tree-related sector. You must carry out a number of tasks, such as planting trees, collecting logs and lumber, and producing related goods using the available machinery, warehouses, and other facilities. You must also hire laborers to carry out a variety of other tasks, such as running a business and selling and distributing wood-related goods throughout the target market. You have unlimited money and coins in this mod, allowing you to hire workers for free and easily, earn money, and enjoy life.

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