Top 5 Logo Maker Application for Beginners in 2021 (100% Working)

Top 5 Logo Maker Application for Beginners in 2021 (100% Working)

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Updated March 21, 2021
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Logos define a company’s background and its values. Organizations use a logo to promote their products and services. These are designs that are constantly seen by your potential customers. 

If a company’s logo turns out unattractive, the target market will fail to associate positive emotions with it. Hence, it is essential to create the right logo the first time.

If you have just started your venture, logo creation should be one of your first tasks. You can opt for two options, which includes hiring the services of a professional logo designer or downloading a logo maker app and creating logos on your own. 

Don’t you have the expertise and experience of designing? Fret not! Even amateurs can use these logo maker apps with ease and convenience. And most of all, the apps are free of cost!

Creating A Logo for Your Company

With all the benefits associated with using a logo maker app, there is no way one would want to use the services of professional logo designers. But, even when you use a logo maker app, make sure you take the time out how you want your logo to be seen – will it be a simple image, will it have a character, or will it be a logo with an abstract design?

It is crucial to know the essential factors at the pre-planning stage before you tackle the design head-on. The tips provided below will help you create a meaningful logo for beginners that have a real impact.

Pick the right logo colors: The colors you pick for your logo will represent your company and define how consumers feel about your brand. When a person looks at any design, the first thing they notice is the color theme and the different emotions coming out of it. Hence, it is highly essential to choose those colors that best reflect how your business wants to be perceived. Color psychology has always played an important role, and even science has proven it.

Logo maker apps come in all shades of colors, including basic, vibrant, trendy, and many more. Color selection from these apps wouldn’t be a problem.

Get inspiration from the popular logos: Although logo maker apps come with pre-prepared templates, you should still have a certain design in your mind that suits your industry. When you have taken inspiration from famous logo designs, you understand what design principles have worked well in the past. You can study and understand the use of layout, colors, and shapes and how it has invoked the customer’s responses.

When you have a logo design in mind, it gets easier to choose your preferences. Logo maker apps come with tons of templates, and you have to pick one that is close to your inspired design. You can customize it according to your requirements afterward.

Pick a common theme for your logo design: Incorporating a clear theme in your logo can easily pull the desired response from your target audience. When you are in the beginning stage of logo creation, you decide on a theme, symbol, message, or anything that you want to deliver through your logo. Once you have decided what you want, you can apply your thoughts on the logo.

A logo maker app lets you experiment with your design in the most creative ways. Most of the apps have templates categorized according to the industry, making it a lot easier for you to make the selection.

5 Top Logo Maker Apps for Beginners

You will find tons of logo maker apps, but not all of them can be trusted. We have narrowed down the list that is best for beginners.

1- Logo Maker – Free Graphic Design & Logo Templates

If your major concern in logo design is choosing the right template, then the Logo Maker app is unrivaled. This free logo maker app has more than 2,000 templates and 5,000 logo icons, allowing you to find the right combination of elements for the perfect logo design. If you are a Youtuber, then this graphic design app is best as it also works as a YouTube logo maker and you can create thumbnail and channel art and logos for your youtube channel.  

2 – Tailor Brands Logo Maker

Tailor Brands Logo Maker offers an astounding library of logo designs that helps even the new startup companies to create fascinating logos. The tool does not ask you to scroll through hundreds of their designs; you just have to feed in the details like your business name, industry, and design style. Once this information is taken, you will be given the ‘This or That’ option to select your favorite design.

   3 – Ucraft Logo Maker

Ucraft Logo Maker gives you enough tools to create your logo from scratch. However, if you are not comfortable creating one on your own, they also have ready-made templates. The app has a huge selection of icons that you can play with.

   4 – DesignHill Logo Maker

With DesignHill Logo Maker, you can come up with fantastic looking designs in minutes. You provide the app all the basic information it needs and uses it to generate a collection of professional looking logos for your business.

  5 – Canva Logo Maker

Our list would have been incomplete without Canva Logo Maker. Like other online logo creator apps, Canva asks for your industry and business and provides a wide range of templates. You will find the most stylish and trendy designs at Canva. They even offer animated logos, but you will have to pay for them.