Jaybird x3 Sport Bluetooth Headset: 2020

With the release of Jaybird X2, Jaybird x3 wireless headphones by the Jaybird, it became a heavy favorite for casual listeners and athletes;

As a result, their reputation grew to rugged construction because of the impressive price and amazing sound quality.

Jaybird x3

Jaybird X2s targeted the sports-inclined persons as their segment to target; similarly, Jaybird X3s is also in the same league.

Athletes like Brandon Johnson and Lauren Fleshman are endorsing along with the number of other features to appeal to active users and these features have made the headphones convenient for many casual listeners at similar

Prices and buy from Amazon

Jaybird x3

Jaybird x3
Prices and buy from Amazon

Below Mentioned are Features of Jaybird X3 –

  • The Jaybird X3 headphones are designed keeping in mind the looks and performance.

  • The size of it has been kept as small as possible without compromising with the performance and looks.
  • The silicone patented ear fins are attached to the top lower and back surface of the ear for locking the earbuds during intense workouts and physical activities.
  • It has numerous sizes of silicone tips for comfort along with noise isolation.
  • These headphones are really great for workouts, sports, and are suitable in every weather condition.
  • The nano-coating of hydrophobic will ensure that moisture remains away in every season be it rain, sweat, or snow.
  • Jaybird X3 has 8-hours long battery life. With 15 minutes charging, you will have full hour playtime, so you can be ready for everything and anything.
  • MySound App in this enables you to customize and tweak the sound of Jaybird X3 headphones for your personalized experience, and you can save the modifications for later to be used as a profile.
  • It must be operated from the temperature of 32º F to 113º F that is 0º C to 45º C and must be stored in the temperature from 14º F to 122º F that is -10º C to 50º C.


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