Do You Know How to Play Idle Apocalypse Cheats?

Do You Know How to Play Idle Apocalypse Cheats?

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Updated March 15, 2021
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Do you know how to play idle apocalypse cheats? Do you remember how your stomach used to churn when it was an exam day? You had spent days studying and hoped to do well. However, there was still that one question that threw you off! Do you ever wish you had a cheat sheet that would have helped you ace those exams?

Well, while those are generally not allowed, they are the norm for iOS computer games. One, in particular, is idle apocalypse cheats! Read further if you want to learn more!

What is An Idle Apocalypse? 

 idle apocalypse cheats

Before you learn about idle apocalypse cheats, you need to know what this game is! This in a way is like a typical computer game, but it is really not. The whole point of this game is to allow you to advance through to subsequently harder levels while being part of a cult. You summon demons to help you fight the ‘bad guys.’ 

While this may seem to be straightforward, it is really not. The game is complex and it’s easy to die in the beginning well before you have accomplished your goal which is to win! This game is available on Google store and works well on any iOS system!

The cheat sheet

If you google idle apocalypse cheats, you’ll come across many websites that are loaded with information that seems confusing at first glance. If you know how to play computer games, you will see that this information is actually a guide that will help you win the game. You can advance to many levels in the idle apocalypse and you can win a total of 95 Google Play Achievements. For example, you can unlock the Challenger Grade in Arena. This is at the beginning of the game and it will allow you to advance many levels quickly without having to go through all of the potentially deadly challenges.

You unlock the first challenge by, surprise, surprise…becoming a Challenger in the Arena. This will allow you to kill many of the demons and help those in your cult do the same. You’ll literally be able to rack up points by doing so. Of course, since this is a demon-slaying game, you’ll find yourself spending a lot of time in dungeons. This is after all where demons traditionally live in computer games. However, dungeons are dark and dank. It is this nature of them that makes them dangerous and potentially deadly places to hang out in. however, you can’t advance through the game –  much less win it – if you don’t slay demons in dungeons.

The trick is to unlock the Elite Dungeon Sweeping 1 arena. You do this by sweeping out the demons in this area. This can be done by using some of the many tools and weapons you will pick up as you complete various challenges and slay demons throughout the different levels of the game!

Of course, if you want to learn more about cheats, play the game!

It is entirely possible to ‘cheat your way to success!’

Indeed, if you use the idle apocalypse cheats, you’ll be able to ‘cheat your way to success in this game. Don’t you wish you had that option in school?