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Free Hotstar Premium Account


Free Hotstar Premium Account 2021 – Do you know how to get a free Hotstar premium account with the username and password By you know what Netflix and Pandora are. The first allows you to stream movies online for a small monthly fee. Pandora allows you to stream and listen to music online. Well, Disney + Hotstar is the latest to join the virtual entertainment bandwagon. If you live in India, you know this online movie streaming service as Disney + Hotstar.

Those outsides of India know it as Hotstar. In any case, you’ll learn all about this service including how to get a free Hotstar premium account username and password.

Some of the topics this article will cover in its comprehensive description of Hotstar include a detailed description of what it is, how it can help enhance your virtual movie viewing experience, how to download the app for your Android or Apple mobile device, and how to get the account for free. This article will also list commonly available (and used) usernames and passwords.

Free Hotstar Premium Account
Free Hotstar Premium Account

You’ll learn about the common issues people face with this streaming service in the FAQ section. Finally, you’ll learn why you really should be using this service over Netflix and the competitors in the conclusion. So read further if you want to learn more about this radical movie streaming service that promises to transform the online entertainment industry!

What is Hotstar Premium Account

No article that talks about an online video streaming service are complete if it doesn’t describe in somewhat detail what it is and how it will help you (the user!) For starters, the Hotstar Premium account is the latest brainchild of a joint venture between Disney and the Indian Premier League (IPL.) This is to the Indian cricket league what the NFL and NBA are to the American national football and basketball industries. It’s currently jointly operated by Disney and Star India!

You’ll be paying a nominal monthly subscription fee to use Hotstar. If you sign up for the movie streaming service, you’ll be able to choose between two plans:

  • Disney + Hotstar Premium
  • Disney + Hotstar VIP

Plan Name Monthly subscription fee/number of devices Annual subscription fee/number of devices
Disney + Hotstar Premium `1 device, INR 299 2 devices, INR 1,499
Disney + Hotstar VIP N/A 1 device, INR 399

Novi Digital Entertainment Private Limited partially owns Hotstar. Star India Private Limited owns Novi Digital Entertainment Private Limited. If you visit Hotstaryou’ll notice that you’ll be able to download tens of thousands of hours of (copyrighted) entertainment content in the form of movies, T.V. shows, shows on sports channels, news, premium movies, Disney shows, and entertainment for kids. All of this content is featured in seven different Indian languages and in English:

  • Hindi
  • Bengali
  • Telugu
  • Malayalam
  • Tamil
  • Marathi
  • English
  • Kannada

The latest in satellite and streaming technology makes it possible for Hotstar to offer one of the world’s largest selections of online entertainment.

Hotstar Premium Account Features

Unlike other online entertainment portals, Hotstar Premium Account ‘does entertainment differently!’ It uses the best and latest streaming technology available. This allows shows to be streamed instantly and with perfect pixel clarity regardless of the bandwidth or device used. It’s this feature that allows Hotstar shows and movies to stream perfectly and with great clarity on any mobile device or laptop. If you’re in the US and would like to watch some popular UK TV shows, follow these tips to watch British TV in the USA without lags and legally. Users benefit from being able to choose the pixel clarity that they want to view their entertainment in.

SEO Optimized

Content on Hotstar is optimized for search engine bots. This is why you’ll get the exact type of entertainment you are looking for immediately after entering its search criteria and parameters. Obviously, you’ll prefer using Hotstar for your entertainment desires and needs because it’s amazingly easy to search for titles there.

Appealing Layout

The website has an appealing layout, design, and easy-to-use interface that’s intuitive. There is a good balance between content, colors, themes, video and audio media, and white space. This will draw you in for hours and keep you there until you find what you’ve been looking for. Hotstar’s website is smart in that it uses common algorithms and remembers your last actions to deliver the web experience that you want. This will leave you always wanting to come back for more!


No online entertainment portal that offers a wide selection of entertainment can be complete without a catalog. Hotstar is popular because it offers exactly this. When you visit Hotstar’s home page, you’ll see an intuitive catalog that displays its entertainment offerings by category according to popularity and/or title. You can also find classics and shows/movies that have been running for years in every category.


You choose a business’s services because it offers you something useful that you couldn’t easily get with the competition. Hotstar operates off of this dynamic concept. It offers you the best in titles in every category of entertainment that you couldn’t easily find with its competitors’ (websites.) These titles are quality ones and many of them are classics. So you’ll always have the best entertainment to choose from.

Additionally, Hotstar generates unique programming that is catered to your individual tastes in the form of programs like On Air with AIB, M Bole Toh, One Tip One Hand, etc…


You can download the Hotstar app from all major platforms including Google Play and Apple App stores. This will allow you to enjoy hours of uninterrupted, meaningful entertainment.

Ad Free

Well, at least Hotstar Premium subscriptions are ad-free. Do you remember how while you love YouTube for its ability to give you hours of your favorite shows for free, you have to endure with those pesky ads unless you buy the premium plan? Well, Hotstar gives you the ability to avoid watching several minutes of annoying ads from its sponsors with its premium plan.

The following table outlines what you can expect with the Hotstar Premium and the Hotstar VIP plans:

Offerings Hotstar Premium Hotstar VIP
Price range INR 1,499 annually as of March 21, 2021 INR 399 annually as of March 21, 2021
Entertainment choices Live Sports – this includes: regular cricket games, Indian Premier League (IPL) games, and Formula 1 racing shows TV shows on Indian channels Initial showings of New Indian movies Specials exclusive to Hotstar English Disney shows and related programming The latest in American entertainment Major Hollywood movies and classics Real-time sports shows – including regular cricket games, Indian Premier League (IPL) games, and Formula 1 racing shows Indian prime time TV Exclusive screenings and trailers of new Indian movies Specials available only to Hotstar VIP members Disney shows and related programming in English and major Indian languages
Ads Very few ads Customized ads to your tastes
Plan modifiable nope Can modify plan

How Hotstar will Revolutionize Your Entertainment Viewing Experience

Hotstar has revolutionized the entertainment viewing experience for Indians and has transformed the entire industry in the process. This Disney wonderchild has done so by offering an appealing mix of the best in Western (American and Hollywood) entertainment (from T.V. shows to movies) with the best in Bollywood and regional film industry selections.

It has given the average Indian choices in entertainment that he or she could never have dreamed of before. Hotstar leads the Indian on-demand video streaming services industry with 69.7% of the market. Even the online conglomerate can’t beat this. It only controls 5% of the industry.

Hotstar’s members love it for the vast selection they get in titles in every entertainment category imaginable. But Hotstar has done the research and thoroughly understands the wants, desires, tastes, and sensibilities of the average Indian viewer. They don’t want to be bombarded with the best in Indian and international entertainment.

Instead, they want to have ownership over their entertainment viewing experience. This includes recommendations, entertainment selections, and more based on individual preferences. Hotstar also creates different buyer personas for each segment of the Indian market.

Hotstar’s ‘four pillars of faith!”

You are probably familiar with the ‘five pillars of faith’ of Islam. Similarly, Hotstar has four pillars of principles that it faithfully operates on and which define its mission, vision, and entire reason for being in business.

  1. Make the user experience personal
  2. Change content recommendations in accordance with your customer’s buying lifecycle
  3. Keep messages perfectly timed, short and simple, and strategic
  4. Put the viewer in charge

Make the viewer experience personal

Hotstar analyzes the browsing, viewing, and content watching patterns and history of its individual customers. It then offers them more of the entertainment that they’re used to watching in the form of suggestions and recommendations. If you’re in the US and would like to watch some popular UK TV shows, follow these tips. They upsell by offering free users titles from the premium section at a very discounted price. This has allowed them to gain many more paying customers in a short period of time.

Change content recommendations in accordance with your customer’s buying lifecycle

That may have been a lot to read and digest. It simply means that Hotstar makes suggestions in terms of entertainment offerings that its individual viewers are more likely to be receptive to. Not surprisingly, most of these suggestions are in the form of paid entertainment.

Keep messages perfectly times, short and simple, and strategic

Hotstar focuses on sending SMS ad campaigns in message form. These campaigns are designed to have the viewers buy, and it works. To use an example, Hotstar sends viewers who have streamed cricket matches for free push notifications. This prompts the viewers to view (paid) matches in real-time. It uses these messages to sell content in different but related categories as well.

Put the viewer in charge

Customers are most receptive if they feel as though they are in charge of their buying experiences. Hotstar offers its users this experience by using the recurring, frequency monetary analysis model. The computer program analyzes previous customer viewing experiences as well as the title selection suggestions that will make Hotstar the most money. Hotstar then offers its individual customers selection suggestions accordingly.

What does the Hotstar app offer you?

Free Hotstar Premium Account Username and Password

You’ll get everything on Hotstar’s app that you did with the live video streaming service that’s on your pc!

Downloading Hotstar Premium Apk

Either go to this link or to the Google Play store and press the appropriate download button.

Hotstar app specs

Operating system Android 4.4.4 or above, or iOS 10.0

How to get a Hotstar Premium Account for free

You can get a Hotstar Premium account for free with Jio. You download and install the Jio app on your iPhone or Android phone. Then:

  • Sign up for a Jio account with your mobile number
  • Go to the section where you see the Hotstar app
  • Download the app
  • Open the Jio app and select the Hotstar premium show you want to watch
  • You’ll be watching that show for free in the Hotstar app

You can get a regular Hotstar Premium account  or Hotstar mod apk for free by doing the following:

  • Go to your account
  • Click on the Premium.Hotstar.Com link
  • Pick the premium plan
  • Either use your Facebook account to log in or sign up for a Hotstar account the traditional way (with your email address and password.)
  • Enter in your credit card details
  • Be sure to cancel your account before a month passes. Your free trial will end and you’ll be charged for the Premium plan otherwise.

Hotstar usernames and passwords

Here we go… free Hotstar premium account with the username and password

SL Number Hotstar user name Hotstar password
1 [email protected] Get
2 [email protected] Get
3 [email protected] Get
4 [email protected] Get
5 [email protected] Get
6 [email protected] Get

Hotstar Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many devices can I use with a Hotstar account?

A: you can use up to 5 devices with a Hotstar (Premium) account

Q: How can you stop autorenewal on Hotstar?

A: Go to the My Account page and select the ‘cancel membership’ option. You’ll no longer receive billing invoices from Hotstar.

Q: How can you see if your Hotstar plan still works?

A: Sign in to Hotstar and view this information on the My Account page

Q: How can you see connected devices on Hotstar?

A: Change your password in the My Account dashboard. This will log you out of all of the devices you were connected to. You’ll be able to see all devices that are connected to your Hotstar account.

Q: Will Hotstar supports many devices

A: Yes, you can use up to 5 devices with the Hotstar Premium plan

You need to use Hotstar

All online video streaming services promise to offer you the best in online entertainment. However, only Hotstar lives up to its word. If you use Hotstar, you’ll be getting the best in entertainment that your friends who are using other on-demand video streaming services won’t. What’s more is that the entertainment you watch will be customized and will change as your tastes, preferences, and needs change!

I hope you like the article’s free Hotstar premium account with the username and password. Do not forget to share it with your friends and family.

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