Have You Heard About Whatsapp’s New Feature? (2021)

Have You Heard About Whatsapp’s New Feature? (2021)

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Updated March 15, 2021
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It is the subject of many Bollywood movies and it makes our lives easier. What is ‘it?’ Well, ‘it’ is Whatsapp. You probably have used this convenient messenger app. After all, you can call any nation in the world and have instant conversations with people in far-flung places easily and for free. WhatsApp is now coming up with a new feature called WhatsApp Plus. Read further if you want to know about its amazing new options and features.

WhatsApp Plus

What is WhatsApp Plus?

WhatsApp Plus is a more advanced version of the traditional WhatsApp. It is a godsend for those with the latest Android smartphones because it allows them to call two people simultaneously without a need to create a WhatsApp group first. Another useful features that are worth noting are the ability to customize WhatsApp’s various themes.

You’ll have improved and enhanced security protection with the new version of WhatsApp. The new feature also allows you to customize your privacy options. You’ll have the ability to decide and select the people who can call you and the people who can’t. One of the most loved abilities of WhatsApp’s new feature is the ability to store an unlimited amount of data in the form of pictures, files, videos, text, and more. You no longer have to delete texts and even other apps on your phone to free up enough space to be able to continue to use WhatsApp.

But, WhatsApp Plus’s features are far more extensive and useful than this. For example, you have the ability to hide your profile, DP, and status from other users. You no longer have to worry about others snooping into your personal life or trying to call you at midnight because they see that you are online. The downside is that you can only download it from a few places like Apple Store.

WhatsApp Plus New Features

One of the most loved features of WhatsApp Plus is the ability to change the colors of the theme. You’ll have literally hundreds of styles and layouts to choose from. You can even combine styles and templates to come up with an original and unique theme if you don’t like those provided in the premade templates.

Those who use it love it for its many features which they find very useful. They say that these features make their lives easier. They also say that these features make WhatsApp easier to use in general.

The verdict is out

The verdict is out: WhatsApp Plus is here to stay. Many people feel that its many benefits and its ease of use greatly outweigh some of its cons. If you love using WhatsApp because of its many features in terms of being able to connect with people from all over the world either through chat or phone for free, you will love the new version of WhatsApp. You‘ll find the fact that it’s completely free irresistible. So why don’t you try the new version out today?