Geometry Dash APK Mod v2.11 Download free 2020

Have you heard of Geometry Dash APK?

You remember geometry class. You played around with compasses and protractors while learning to draw isosceles and quadrilateral triangles. You also learned about proofs and solving image-based equations. You probably didn’t look forward to geometry class, so you may be surprised to learn that Android offers an app that allows you to play out geometry concepts on your smartphone. It’s called Geometry Dash APK and this article discusses this game in more detail.

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What exactly is Geometry Dash APK?

If you wondered, “What exactly is Geometry Dash APK?” when you read the intro, you’ll be pleased to learn the following:

  • It’s free to download
  • It was developed by RobTop and released on August 13, 2013
  • It’s a rhythm-based game

Geometry Dash APK consists of 21 levels. Each level is much more complex and difficult than the previous one. You’ll be greeted with unique music that changes in complexity and sound tone at each successive level. This only adds intrigue to the game and makes it more alluring and challenging to play. Indeed, you’ll spend several hours applying all of those ‘boring concepts you learned while hidden at the back of your geometry class!’ However, you’ll be doing so while dodging flying dangers. You’ll also be navigating through dangerous and challenging passes that are narrow and winding and obstacles that are full of spikes. It will be up to you to use your wits, intuition, and knowledge of Geometry to successfully negotiate your way through all of this and survive!

How to play

This game is full of intrigue and challenges. You’ll always be at the edge of your seat while eagerly anticipating what will come next when you play this game. Expect to be greeted by interesting characters that are shaped like the most fundamental shapes around which the most fundamental geometric concepts revolve. These are the square, the triangle, the quadrilateral, etc…

Geometry is interesting after all, it’s all about the ability to draw interesting shapes and solve problems and proofs around them. Geometry Dash APK takes this to exciting new levels. Expect to be greeted by unique geometric shapes with hilarious geometric facial expressions. Indeed, playing this game will more than a few chuckles and laughs from you! Another interesting feature about the adversaries (different geometric-shaped characters) that you will meet is their mode of transportation. You may well be hiking and flying solo, but these characters will have a little more help from modern technology. They will be driving in fast and efficient cars that use the latest in technology. They will also be flying in of all things spaceships! This will present new challenges for you and force you to use your game playing knowledge, wits, and intelligence along with your sound knowledge of math if you want to win (and survive!)

The game is sometimes on your side though. You’ll be given the occasional break when you are offered the opportunity to fly through space (but not time) in a superfast spaceship. Note that, unlike as is the case with other Android app-based games, you can only move forward in time. Ther is one catch, you have to be perfect in terms of your timings, moves, and actions. This means that you have to know the fundamental principles of Geometry and game playing thoroughly. You have to know both so well that you could literally play Geometry Dash APK in your sleep and win! Keep in mind that it’s game over for you if you do hit an adversary or an obstacle – you’ll be starting the level that you’ve been steadily progressing through from scratch!

As an avid player, you’ll be assuming many characters of different shapes throughout the game. As you move through to subsequently higher and more challenging levels, expect the characters given to you to assume to be more interesting in shape, but more challenging to maneuver. For example, you’ll be playing cube, ball, or UFO-shaped characters. The cube or ball may be easy to negotiate through winding passages, but good luck in trying to get the UFO through these passages. However, playing the UFO character may give you an advantage because it will give you the ability to fly above these passages, but not safely!

What makes Geometry Dash APK different?

For one thing, you can customize the game to your tastes and suit your playing knowledge and skills. For example, you’ll be able to build the characters and the obstacles in each level that you play. Try doing this with PUBG or COD! You’ll be building your own levels from the first one to the 21st one. You can share the levels with other players as you build them. You can customize your character. Have you ever played a game with a character in the shape of a purple stepped pyramid? Well, you’ll be able to do so with Geometry Dash APK! This game also allows you to defy gravity and other time tested principles of classic and quantum physics.

Downloading Geometry Dash APK

Follow these steps to download this riveting game:

  • Download the apk file
  • Install the app

You can now play the game on your smartphone anytime you want to!

Downloading Geometry Dash APK

geometry dash apk

You’ll need the following basic requirements to successfully download this amazing game:

CPUSnapdragon 429 Quad-Core 1.8GHz or something similar
GPUAdreno 504 or equivalent
Storage73 MB
OSiOS9/Android 5.0

Now your Geometry class finally does come in handy!

Indeed, you can use all of the concepts and principles covered in your high school geometry class to successfully play this game!


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