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Do You Know What Netflix Can Do For You? By now you have heard of Netflix. After all, who hasn’t? It’s practically as common a household name like Kleenex and Coca Cola. Netflix made waves when it first appeared on the scene more than 14 years ago. Back then it was seen as a ‘godsend’ and an interesting alternative to cable or going to the movies.

It gave its viewers the choice to watch movies at any time. Of course, they had to pay a small fee to subscribe to it and they were limited to the number of movies that they could watch at any one time. Generally, you have to pay to use Netflix. However, did you know that you can increasingly get free Netflix accounts? Well, read further to learn more about this!

What Is Netflix Anyway And How Did It Start?

free Netflix accounts

Before explaining how to get a free Netflix account, it’s time to answer this basic and fundamental question, “What is Netflix anyway and how did it start?” Well, the answer is as follows. Netflix was founded by Marc Randolph and Reed Hastings near Silicon Valley in 1997. They were die-hard entrepreneurs who had just come up with an idea that they thought would permanently transform the movie market. They wanted to put it into action and watch the magic happen.

Netflix has humble origins as a startup on a ‘shoestring’ budget. Back when it first appeared in the media, the movie market was different. If you wanted to watch a blockbuster movie, you either had to go to the theater, or you had to go to a video store (like the now-defunct Blockbuster retail movie rental chain.) If you were lucky, you would catch the movie as a re-run on a cable channel. So the movie market was ripe for a company that made renting movies easy.

Netflix used what was then an innovative model. Its customers would order movies they really wanted to watch online. The company would then use snail mail to ship the movies to them in DVD form. Once the customers had finished watching the movies, they would snail mail the DVDs back to Netflix. Netflix rented the DVDs out to its customers for two week time periods. Netflix was an instant success because its model was a convenience for the average American who was living an increasingly mobile and on-the-go life.

Customers paid a small fee of $14 a month for rental privileges. They had access to an unlimited number of DVDs that they could rent from around the world. Netflix is an amalgamation of two words: Net and flick. It refers to the fact that people could watch their favorite ‘flicks’ movies online (the ‘Net!’)

About the Netflix App

Did you know that you can get the Netflix app on your Android phone or tablet? This because most people stream movies on their mobile devices. Netflix knows this and ‘wants in on the action!’ indeed, the days when people went to the movies, rented movies from their neighborhood movie rental store, or watched reruns on cable channels are gone. As global society has become increasingly mobile, people want entertainment ‘on the go!’

What You Can Do With The Netflix App

You’ll need an Android phone and/or tablet that’s at least version 5.0. Note that you may find it difficult or impossible to download the app if you have rooted your phone or have not verified it. You’ll be able to stream videos in any part of the world that has Netflix and gets WIFI signals.

Using the app

The Netflix app has many useful features and functions. These are:

  • Title searches – you can enter movie names in the field in front of the magnifying glass that appears in the app’s upper right corner. Then lightly tap on the magnifying glass a few times and wait for the title to appear.
  • Scrolling – you can browse through movie thumbnails and titles by scrolling down the appropriate rows. This is especially helpful if you are looking for a particular movie that has been recommended to you by someone.
  • Browsing – if you tap on the upper left corner of the app, the drop-down menu will appear. You can scroll through movie names and titles there.
  • Fast forward or rewind particular movie scenes – you can easily do this by tapping on your device’s screen. You then drag your finger forward or backward on the progress bar – depending on whether you want to fast forward or rewind a particular scene.
  • Exiting – you can easily exit a movie by tapping on the back button

Screen resolution

You can stream movies in at least 480 pixels. This is fairly clear and bright. It’s enough to give you ‘movie-quality’ viewing experience without actually going to the theater. You also don’t have to spend the big bucks that you would at the theater.

If you are watching a movie in a different language, you can enable the subtitles and alternate audio options by tapping on the appropriate icon. It will appear at the top of your screen.

You can also watch movies offline. This would come in handy if you are going camping or are traveling on an airplane and don’t have access to WIFI. Just use the download feature in the app to do so.

How To Download The App?

Netflix Premium Apk

Follow these steps to download an app that will revolutionize your movie viewing experience:

  • Open the Google Play store app
  • Enter Netflix into the search engine and tap on the magnifying glass icon
  • Tap on the Netflix icon
  • Select the install option
  • You’ll know you have successfully installed the app when you see this notice on your display screen: Successfully installed Netflix.
  • Close the play store app
  • Click on the launch Netflix button
  • Set up an account if you haven’t already done so. If you have, just log in with your email address and your password. You’ll need to do this because Netflix is a subscription-based service.

How to Get Netflix For Free?

If you are like most people, you like to hear the word ‘ for free!’ Well, you can subscribe to a Netflix account for free.

  • Sign up for a T-mobile phone plan. While this may seem strange and cumbersome especially if you already have another mobile provider, it’s actually a strategic move.
  • If you sign up for a T-mobile phone plan, you’ll automatically receive a (bundled) Netflix subscription and account. The best part is that this is all for free (at least the Netflix subscription and account are!)
  • Share an account with a current (Netflix) subscriber.
  • You’ll be able to ‘have your cake and eat it too’ by doing so! If you find someone with a Netflix subscription and account, ask if you can stream movies on your Android phone or tablet using their log-in information.
  • Did you know that you can stream movies on up to two devices with Netflix’s standard account and up to four on the premium account?
  • All of this is possible because Netflix allows everyone who uses the same account to create a different profile.
  • Sign up for the free trial period. You can then disable your account when the trial period ends.
  • Remember to set up a new account every time your free trial is about to end. This is one surefire way to always get Netflix for free.
  • Sign up for a free trial then cancel when it is about to expire.
  • You’ll have to be off of Netflix for a while, but you will eventually get an email message from Netflix asking you if you would like to sign up for Netflix with a free trial.
  • You can then take advantage of this offer.

Free Netflix Premium Accounts Today’s Updated 2020 – Email ID & Passwords

free Netflix accounts
[email protected]danbrown2
[email protected]euphorialover
[email protected]sialkot12
[email protected]Notesmen2
[email protected]Joeyandre1
[email protected]Zloay145
[email protected]t89Werty
[email protected]WorthyAccounts
[email protected]Xx!2vba
[email protected]&kiara

Netflix Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The answers to the most commonly asked questions about Netflix free accounts are discussed below.

Can you get Netflix free for 30 days?

Yes, you will have a 30 day free trial period when you first sign up for Netflix. You can watch as many movies as you want to during that time period. Remember to cancel your account when the 30 day period is up or Netflix will start charging you!

Can you get free Netflix trials continuously?

Yes, it’s entirely possible to keep on getting Netflix free trials. You just have to be clever when you do so. If you sign up for Netflix the conventional way, you’ll get a free 30-day trial period. You’ll have to pay for the subscription once the trial period ends. You’ll need to enter a valid PayPal account, credit card, or debit card number if you want to sign up for Netflix and get the free 30-day trial period.

Note that Visa and MasterCard gift cards are perfectly acceptable as are gift cards from other major credit card providers. You can get free Netflix trials continuously by constantly signing up for new accounts when your current trial period ends. You’ll just have to enter new payment information (like a new credit or debit card number) each time.

Why is Netflix charging me for a free trial?

Well, Netflix doesn’t charge its subscribers during their free trial period. If you’re getting bills from Netflix, your free trial period has expired and you were likely unaware of this.

How often can you get free Netflix?

You can get free Netflix indefinitely. All you have to do is cancel your account before it expires and then immediately create a new account with new payment information.

Netflix for free is worth it

While it may seem strange that you can actually get a subscription service like Netflix for free, it’s true. WIth a Netflix free account, you’ll have access to the best movies ever produced at your fingertips!

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