WhatsApp Plus APK (Premium unlocked)

App Name WhatsApp Plus APK
Publisher Whatsapp Inc.
Size 30MB
Version 17.65
MOD Info Premium unlocked
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Update February 26, 2022 (3 months ago)

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Today is the era of social media and when we talk about social media, the name of Whatsapp Plus Apk comes first. But right now there are many users who are not able to use this Apk for this social media platform, because they do not know much about it, of course, if you are also active on Social Media, then you can also use this Whatsapp Plus App in your mobile.

You will want to download only then you have come to this page if yes, then you have come to the right page because today we have brought you Whatsapp Plus Mod Apk in this article which you direct from our website below link free I can download it.

Even today, we all know that today the social media platform is the best platform to connect with our friends, relatives, etc. through which we can easily reach our point of view to anyone in 1 second. With this, any user can access their video, photo, audio, etc. to any of their familiar person living anywhere in the world.

Whatsapp Plus Apk, which is quite different from other WhatsApp apps, here many better features have been made available for the user which attracts the user. But right now most of the social media users are not able to use Whatsapp plus the Latest version. The reason for this is that the user does not know about it, just keeping this in mind today, we have made this app available on our website.

If you use Whatsapp’s Messenger on your phone, then you must have noticed some of your things, as if you cannot forward MSG to more than 5 people at once, you cannot apply more than 250 characters. There are many other features that are not user-friendly but in Whatsapp plus Mod Version all these features have been unlocked.

If you understand this in simple language, then if you use this Whatsapp, then you can have more than 5 people who can simultaneously forward Msg, position more than 250 characters, and can also add groups by adding unlimited people. Which you will not find on other Whatsapp.

In fact, if you want to stay active on social media with the Amazing Feature, then WhatsApp Plus latest App is going to prove to be very good for you, which we have made available on our website. So now if you want to use this Apk, you can download it for free by clicking Direct from the link given below our website.

WhatsApp Plus APK

WhatsApp Plus Apk is a chat messenger app created by Omar by modifying the original Whatsapp app. This apk has added more features than the original App. We can say that this WhatsApp Plus Apk has some amazing features. Has been added and has been made User Friendly. Due to its new improved feature, it is becoming quite popular among people, let us know that so far millions of people have downloaded this latest version in their phones.

Whatsapp is considered to be the best platform on the social media platform to talk to each other because it is quite easy to use from other social media platforms, as well as for the user, Video, Audio, Photo for other people like Friends, Relative With the help of this apk, anyone gets the experience of being near him by making a video call, which is considered to be the best feature of any social media user.

WhatsApp Plus APK

This is why WhatsApp is available on every Android user’s phone today, but it may be the difference that right now most of the users are using its old version, which does not have the best feature available. But today we have shared the link to download the Whatsapp Latest Version Apk in our website, it has been launched by its makers with Amazing Feature, which is going to prove very useful for the user.

So Friends Now if you also want to chat with the help of this Apk with the new feature, then you can download it for free by clicking from the link given below our website. Information about the whole process of how to download is shared below, by following this you can very easily download and use the app on your phone –

This is the reason that today people use this apk most for social platforms. Please inform that WhatsApp Plus Apk is a hacked version of the original apk, in which various features have been added. In fact, the feature that has been added to this is going to prove very useful for the user –Whatsapp Plus APK Features This app is the most important WhatsApp Plus apk for the social media platform because it is much easier to use than other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and their place in the feature is much better.

Likewise, we all know that the fun of using the new feature added in any application is different and when we talk about Whatsapp plus, it has been made more by unlocking the Amazing Feature than any other app. Demonstrate the popularity of the apk and motivate the user to use it.

In fact, if you want to connect with people with this new feature, then you must download this apk on your phone, but before that, you should know which feature you will be able to use in it. Is as follows –

Free Download

WhatsApp Plus Apk is available with its best feature which you can download for free from our website. The download link is shared below.

Easy to use

Easy to use

This apk is definitely better and different from some official apps, but it is not too difficult to use it, using the normal official apps, you can share and connect with your people very easily using this latest version apk. is.

Hide Blue Tick

If you have a msg and if you read that msg, then a blue Tik mark appears, which shows that the front has read our msg. So now if If you want to hide these points then WAp Apk has unlocked this feature. To use this feature, you can download this Apk by clicking from the official link given below.

Hide Writing Tick

Hide Writing Tick

In the official Whatsapp, when you do MSG for someone, for which you are doing MSG, Typing comes towards it, which shows that you are doing MSG for it, but now if you want to hide this typing setting So Whatsapp apk is the best option for you because its creators have blocked the option of Writing Typing means that if you hide this setting, then for which you are doing MSG, there will be no option of typing.

Hide Online Status

The official website user is often worried that when you are online on your WAP, then all your chat friend list people get the indication of your being online near your name. Which people want to stop today but this feature is not available on the official website but now if you want to hide your online status, then the hack version of the official website given below is a good option for you. You will be able to download it by clicking from the official link given below.

Location Sharing

A location sharing button has been provided in this app, using which you can share your location with anyone.

Auto Reply

This is a very good and very good feature of this apk, which is being liked by the user a lot, let me tell you about it that if you are busy in any of your work and you do any MSG, then as its auto-reply MSG will be at your side.

Send Big File

Till now it was difficult to send more MB video, file documents to the user using the app that the user is using to chat, but now this feature was unlocked in the new version and now with the help of the user PDF, Documents File, Spreadsheets, etc. can send large files like 100MB and videos up to 30MB without interruption.

200 + Characters ON Status


On Official Whatsapp, user can upload their status with just a limited word limit but in this mod, apk users can upload status of more than 200 characters.


You can download this apk by clicking the link below without any hassle, you will not face any kind of problem downloading because it is available with an anti-ban for android devices.

High Privacy

The makers of this apk have made it under the supervision of the privacy of the user, as well as all the feature privacy available here. So if you want to use this apk with the better feature, then you can download it from the link given below.

Theme Feature

The theme feature is available in this Apk. With which you can make your Whatsapp very beautiful and like your mind and you can also change the text, buttons, and graphics, this apk has more than 700 themes available to people who like it very much.

Because of this many people download it and use it. To use the themes in this Apk, you do not have to download Themes anywhere. This apk downloads Themes itself and arranges them by name, date, and version.

Recording Status

What happens very often is that when we see someone’s status, we like it and we also want to apply it on our own status, but if we ask for that status, then we do not like that in asking for other work Do not be busy and he does not agree anywhere because of this,

We do not ask for him and we start searching for him on the internet, many times that video or image is found to us and very often we do not find it on the Internet. A lot of time is wasted.

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Keeping this in mind, the feature of Recording Status: has been added by wap App Developers so that we can record and use anyone’s status very easily and can use it. Recording Status Feature is very much used by the people using this Apk and it proves very helpful for them as well.

Fonts and styles

Keeping in mind your convenience in this Apk, the fonts and styles feature has been added by your makers, you can change the message and text design of your Whatsapp, in order to change the design of the text, you need a Third Have to download Party App.


This Apk allows sharing many things that ordinary or official Whatsapp does not like – the person using it can Shear the image of HD Quality to share 50 Mb video size and 100 Mb audio size. Grants permission.

History and Logs

Many helpful features have been added to make this Apk better than the official Whatsapp, of which History and Logs also has an important place, through this feature, you can record all the activities from your account and your convenience. Can use one for

Self Answer

Many times we are Busy, due to which we do not answer any messages, but if you use this Apk, then there is no need to bother you. Because there is a feature of Self Answer available where you have to set a message and when that message comes, that self answer is provided.


The unlimited Wallpaper feature is also available in WhatsApp Plus Apk. With the help of which you can put any wallpaper on your chat screen and you can make the screen beautiful and attractive.

How to Download WhatsApp Plus Apk

WhatsApp plus Apk is a chat messenger app that is the easiest to use, every new user can download it in their phone for the first time and can chat with anyone using it. If you also want to chat using this apk with the best feature, you can download it in your phone by following the step given below –

  • First of all, you have to back up the chat from your old Whatsapp Apk.
  • Now you have to install your old Whatsapp from your phone.
  • Now if you want to use this apk with Amazing Feature, then click on the link given below and download Whatsapp Plus Apk.
  • It will be downloaded to your phone as soon as you click on the download link given above.
  • After some time it will be downloaded to your phone.
Download WhatsApp Plus APK 2022

Whatsapp Plus APK



File size 30 MB
App by GBMod
Downloads 10+ Million
Android Requires 5.0 and up
Last updated Today

How to Install Whatsapp Plus App on Android

After downloading this Whatsapp Plus mod version on the phone, you have to first install it on your phone, now how to install it, we have told step by step below which you can easily follow Can install on a mobile device –

Install Apk

First of all, you have to go to Whatsapp Plus Apk Download the Folder of the phone memory card. Here you will find this Whatsapp Plus Apk Downloaded link where you have to click. After clicking on the download link, this install will start on your phone.

Enter Mobile Number

After installing, you have to open this app on your phone. On opening, you have to enter your number here, from which your old Whatsapp was made. After entering the number you have to proceed with some permission.

Enter OTP

Now you will get an OTP on the number entered here, which you have to enter here and submit.

Enter Your detail

Here you have to set your Whatsapp Name Whatsapp Profile etc.

Upload Chat Backup

Now here you will get the option of chat backup in front of you where all the chat backup of your old Whatsapp will start uploading by clicking. After some time, the backup of all the chats of your old version will be uploaded and now again you can chat with your relative or any other person, transfer photos, videos, etc. with the best feature like old Whatsapp.

WhatsApp Plus Mod APK FAQ

It is the most used social media platform, but it has been developed by hacking Whatsapp Plus and modifying the Original App, so many questions keep circulating in the user’s mind about this apk, of course, if you too this apk If you have clicked and downloaded from the link given above, then you will also have some questions about this apk.

If yes, then we have given below answers to some important questions about this apk, which you must take once, then let us know –

How to download WhatsApp Plus Apk

If you want to download this apk, then for this we have mentioned in detail above as well as shared the download link from where you can easily download it, although you will not find it to download on Google Play Store.

WhatsApp Plus Apk is Safe

It is true that this apk has been created by modifying the original version of original Apk to which some additional feature has been added but you do not have to worry about your security or any data in your phone because it is completely You can download it without worrying about your safety.

Different Between WhatsApp Plus Apk and WhatsApp

There is no special Different in both these social media platforms, just the link we have added to your link, which is much better than this apk Orignal Apk.

Is WhatsApp plus better than the official version of WhatsApp

If we talk about the question of this question, then both Apk are same, just more feature has been added to Whatsapp Plus than the official version, so we can say that the apk given by us to download above is much better than the Official version. is.

is Whatsapp Plus Available For iPhone user ioS

This apk is a version of the original version that the iPhone Store does not provide on its server. If you have an iPhone, you will not be able to use it. It is available only for an android mobile device.

Why Should is Use Whatsapp Plus?

Right now you are using official Whatsapp on your phone, in which you must have seen that you cannot foreword msg with more than 5 people at once, but you cannot send big file video, etc.

But if you have given this apk to us If you download from the link, you will be able to use these decent features, meaning that you can msg more than 5 people at once, so you can send large file videos easily, so we can say that you can do more in this than the official version The feature is available that is why you can use it. Quora 


Have you read this post and know all the features of WhatsApp plus apk, if you have read the full features well, you need to download them, if you have also downloaded them, it needs to be installed.

When you install, then you register with your mobile number and get the verification done, then you will be able to use WhatsApp for free.

If you are facing any problem with this, then you can tell us by commenting below and have liked it, do not forget to share this post on social media. Thank you..!

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