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Human Fall Flat Apk

Did you know that you can put Einstein’s ‘Theory of Relativity’ to work? Yeah, you remember your high school and college, physics classes. You had to learn all about Isaac Newton and his three laws of gravity. The teachers also taught you about Albert Einstein and his world-famous ‘Theory of Relativity!’ You may have wondered when you were ever going to use this ‘seemingly useless’ information. Well, you may be surprised to hear that the time is now! You can put your formal and theoretical physics knowledge to use by playing human fall flat Apk!

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What is Human Fall Flat APK?

Well, that’s a natural question for anyone to ask when he or she hears about this new game. Here is the answer. Human Fall Flat APK is a puzzle-based computer game that will have you relying on your knowledge of physics to win. Part of what makes it interesting is the fact that you can play it with many people at once. As you guessed by the letters APK, it’s an Android-based app.

Your character is a physically unstable (he is constantly wobbling), robot-like humanoid character. This ‘person’ yearns to find a way out of the unique land that the puzzle-like pieces that populate the game presently. Yet, much to his dismay, he finds that he must use physics theories in order to do so! The puzzle-like composition of the game makes it seem like a ‘surreal dreamland!’ it’s a dreamland where the exit is ever elusive. Your character is eager to explore this place and places that are beyond, he just has to find the exit in order to do so!

Your character is interesting

Human Fall Flat Apk

Well, he is a humanoid-like robot after all. His unique construction severely limits his movements and this is what makes the game both challenging and interesting. Your character can (for the most part) walk fairly straight. His robot-like capabilities and characteristics also make it possible for him to jump anywhere, climb any surface imaginable with ease, hold onto any surface (this is necessary when trying to hold on to uneven and sometimes jagged puzzle pieces) and carry any object or material. These qualities make it easier for him to win the game quickly because it gives him agility and flexibility that most computer game apps for Android devices don’t have.

Just keep in mind that it may take a while for you to figure out the best ways to move your character. But as you guessed, this is part of the intrigue and challenge of this game!

This is why you’ll really want to play the game!

Your character’s name is Bob. It may please you to hear that you can play the game with up to three other people. The game supports up to four players at a time! Please note that you have to be open to exploration and you have to ‘think outside of the box’ in terms of finding the best moves to make to ensure that your character survives long enough to find the way out of the puzzle maze.

Human fall flat APK consists of 12 levels. Each level is more challenging and interesting than the last. You’ll find that Bob will quickly discover new secrets that will help him exit and win the game faster if you have him explore different paths and use a bit of creative thinking while doing so!

You can dress to success

You may have heard of the phrase, “dress for the position that you want!” Well, this computer game works off of that concept. You can literally ‘dress Bob for success!’ What this means is that you can dress and undress and then redress him in a variety of crazy outfits as he progresses through the levels. Since the types of outfits that he wears will play a large role in helping him win the game and successfully finding the exit, be creative in your outfits. After all, you can design and ‘make’ all of his outfits. So why not dress him like Casper in Ghostbusters or like Spiderman?

Human Fall Flat APK Specs

Human Fall Flat Apk
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Installs More than 100,000
Latest update May 6, 2020
Android OS At least 5.0
Content rating G
permission Look at the details
Report appropriate
Manufactured by 505 Games Sri
Developer It’s mentioned on the URL


How to install Human Fall Flat APK

Follow these simple steps to install this riveting game:

  1. Download the cache and APK file
  2. Go to ‘unknown sources’ in your Android phone’s settings and enable it. This is the only way you’ll be able to download and install the game successfully.
  3. Use the file manager to run the installation. Note that your phone will place the files in the download folder after having downloaded them.
  4. Copy the cache folder from the downloaded archive to your Android phone’s SD/Android/OBB directory
  5. You can now play Human Fall Flat APK

Human Fall Flat APK will allow you to use physics in entirely different ways

Indeed, you can have many hours of pure fun while applying the concepts of physics that you learned in class to Human Fall Flat APK. the best part is that you can have hours of fun playing with your friends while doing this!


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