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If you have an Android phone, this new app is a godsend? Download GB Whatsapp Apk.

“How can a new app be a godsend? It’s true that apps and smartphones have changed our lives and made our lives easier! However, what’s so special about a new app?” Well, if you have an Android smartphone, you’ll love this new app. It’s GB WhatsApp and it’s one of the newest products to be released, but not by the original makers of WhatsApp.

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What can GB WhatsApp do for Your Smartphone?

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If you want to know the wonders GB WhatsApp can work for your smartphone, read further. It’s similar tot he original WhatsApp in that its main function is to allow you to chat with and call people around the world for free. But it goes further than that in terms of functionality. Keep in mind that you’ll have to search hard if you want to download this app because it is not available on traditional download stores like Apple Store or Google Play. Part of the reason for this is because the makers of WhatsApp neither know or approve of the company that made GB WhatsApp. It can only be downloaded as an APK file.

What Makes GB WhatsApp so Cool and Irresistible?

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So what that WhatsApp’s makers don’t like GB Whatsapp? You will because of all of the new abilities and options it gives you. For example, you can chat with or call two people at once. This makes it convenient if you have to do lots of international three-way calls with your friends. You can also hide your DP profile and status as well as the last time you were online. This will come in handy if you want to sleep late and don’t want calls from people at midnight.

Some Other Facts About GB WhatsApp

GB WhatsApp is based on and models the original version of WhatsApp and is compatible on the same server. What’s more, is that its code is encrypted. This means that the extra features are safe. However, you should only use this app personally. This is largely because it was not released by WhatsApp and may not include all of its vast safety features. This is because the information in GB WhatsApp is not secure (encrypted.)

Some of what GB WhatsApp does that the Original Version does not

  • The ability to get take back many messages simultaneously
  • The ability to coordinate when messages will be sent by scheduling their send-out time
  • You’ll be able to send videos of up to 50 MB of information in messages
  • You can have descriptive group names because you’ll have 35 characters to use when establishing them.
  • You can preset your status online for up to 24 hours. This means that you’ll be getting messages even when you are away because your friends will think you are online
  • You can install and use it with the traditional WhatsApp. The GB WhatsApp can be be used for personal reasons, and the regular WhatsApp for business reasons.
  • No content is a message is disallowed
  • You’ll be able to hide information when you are creating and sending out group messages and are messaging many people at once.
  • You can keep certain people from calling you by blocking their calls
  • You can hide your recording status. This means that the people or groups you are talking to will not know that their conversations and messages are being recorded.

GB WhatsApp Makes Messaging Your Friends Easier

Download GB Whatsapp Apk: Yes, GB WhatsApp does indeed make messaging your friends easier because you’ll have more power to control the content that you send them and you’ll have more options in terms of privacy, among other things.

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