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BitLife: Life Simulator Mod APK v3.8.8 (Citizen Unlocked)
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BitLife: Life Simulator Mod APK v3.8.8 (Citizen Unlocked)

Name BitLife
Offered By Playdrop
Size 128 MB
Latest Version 3.8.8
MOD Info Bitizenship Unlocked,God Mode,Boss Mode
Update April 27, 2023 (1 month ago)
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Price FREE

BitLife Life Simulator Mod APK (Bitizen Unlocked) is a simulation game that simulates the process of a person’s whole life from being in the womb to death. The game was developed by using the manufacturing team of the studio Candywriter LLC. If you are a fan of simulation and simulation games, this is definitely a game studio familiar with similar games. This game is a section of the company’s collection of emulators. However, this game is not the same and similar to the previous game.

About Bitlife

BitLife is today’s simulation game by the publisher Candywriter. They are now not so famous on Google Play, however, with just four games, they have made a large effect on the gaming community. Their video games regularly get their favorite players, as evidenced by, BitLife has obtained more than 10 million downloads on Google Play with a lot of 5-star reviews.


Life is like a story. You don’t know what will happen next, the miracles will happen in your life or you will not even know when this story is over. BitLife’s gameplay is similar to visible novel games. The only thing, alternatively of deciding on lines for the character, you will choose a motion for every of the main character’s timelines. The game lists a sequence of events for every year. Even the first time your mother takes you to a vaccination, you can select between sitting still obediently or biting your mother’s hand to protest.

Getting Started A New Life

In this section, there are special new points, helping gamers have new experiences. Are you equipped to think about a man or woman from the start to adulthood? All activities in a person’s life are simulated on your phone. Coming to an absolutely new game that offers you a new life. A new starting for your life, your character will start at the infancy stage.

Information about your parents, how you were born, and your siblings ‘ relationships revolve around your character. This character will live the way you want, and this is also viewed for you to redo your life. A random statistic about the degree of happiness and fitness will be up to date always during the process of your character’s birth and death.

When You Are 18 Years Old

18 years is a very important milestone in the existence of every human being. Every desire at this time mostly influences the relaxation of your life. That’s when you’ve just finished excessive college and begun packing for an exhausting journey. In addition to attending a university, you can signal up for the military, or go to work to earn money and experience life. Everything that happens in the future depends on your choice. Although you have a bad and difficult childhood, your efforts will help you have a better future.

Extremely High Reality

In BitLife Life Simulator Mod Apk, you have the right to choose any profession, from a commercial enterprise person, office worker, artist, farmer, or even a drug addict, or a wanted criminal. Depending on each person’s wishes, all are valuable experiences. But the factor right here is that you have to strive for the job you choose.

For example, as a singer, you have to spend time getting to know vocals; as an entrepreneur, you have to know how to invest, No count number what your family situation is, success ought to certainly be built through you. But don’t worry too much about this, because you have the right to live many different lives. Your variety of lives is unlimited. So if you’re certainly stuck, select a new character and start over. However, try to be the most responsible for the character you create and deliver it to the cease of your life to take a look at past choices. That honestly helps you a lot in your real life.

Financial Management

When we grow up, we want to be aware of how to manage our finances. You can use your money to purchase the car and actual estate, open an enterprise or even “throw” all your money into the casino. On the major Menu bar, tap Assets to manipulate the assets you have. However, you want the required age to character your property.

Looking For Your Love

This is one of the extremely interesting points of BitLife. It permits you to date and marries girls who show up in your life. Some girls will flirt with you, even if you’re married. You need to strive to construct a glad family. With simply one mistake, you can smash the whole lot yourself.

Time Machine

Have you ever wished that you had a time computing device and alternate something in the past? Sometimes, you desire you would go back to high school and have the braveness to invite your woman to the prom. Of course, we can’t do that in real life. We can only accept and go on. But in BitLife, this is possible. With the Time Machine feature, you can go back one or greater years to trade some of your decisions.


Without the need for 3D portraits with alluring effects, BitLife brings you light experiences, simply like how you are playing a book. The interface of the game is designed like a diary of the protagonist. After each of your selections, the annual memorable activities will be listed on the screen.

Features Of Bit Life Mod Apk

Here are some of the most high-quality features that we suppose each and every BitLife Movie Star update mod APK game enthusiast would love:

Personal Stats To Evaluate Yourself

In this game, the gamers will have to get entry to a number of moves and choices which would subsequently have an effect on their character stats.


This is one of the most necessary stats as it determines your happiness levels. While you’re staying happy, matters would likely show up your way and you’ll feel more fulfilled when doing things. On the other hand, having low happiness would mean that your characters would probably go through depression. This makes him/her turn out to be much less effective in each and every activity that he/she is collaborating in.


Having good fitness is continually a need if you desire to live a pleasurable life. This would allow you to take part in greater activities, enlarge your work performance, and prevent you from having a short and unfinished life.


People want to be clever to recognize the matters that take place around them. That being said, you have to spend a certain quantity of time reading and gaining knowledge of new things so that you can amplify your smarts level.

Download BitLife Life Simulator Mod APK Latest Version

Not merely a simulation game, BitLife offers you a new point of view on life. Life can lead you in many different ways, but a positive attitude will help you have a proper and good life and open up many opportunities in the future.

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