Best PDF Converter To Excel That Just Won’t Die

Are you sick and tired of the headache that ties in with converting multiple PDF files to Excel in the office and at home? Best PDF Converter To Excel.

From the get-go, fortune 500 companies, writers, and students have been trigger targeted by different SaaS companies with both free and paid software solutions for converting files and extracting data.

However, even with the paid software, file conversion may still be a daunting process if you’re working with the wrong converter. 

Best PDF Converter To Excel That Just Won't Die

Therefore, I have got for you here 8 best PDF converter to Excel.

So get ready to stop throwing money away at tech geeks to do the conversion for you.

And quit asking from Google how to transfer a PDF file to Excel because you’ve just landed 8 topnotch solutions needed to do it all yourself easy and fast.

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Office Convert PDF To Excel For Xls Free Software

Office convert is a professional document conversion tools manufacturing company certified by Softpedia and awarded by MAXIMUM Pc Magazine in 2015 for the dispensation of adware-free, spyware-free, and virus-free software solutions for document management.

Proceeding the company’s one-solution-fits-all All office converter platinum that allows the conversion of PDF files to any kind of format is the business software Office convert PDF to Excel for Xls free developed especially to bridge the gap between PDF and Excel.

Best PDF Converter To Excel That Just Won't Die

Giving it a thought, you may proceed to ask: why do I need to download the office convert PDF to Excel for Xls free when I can do more on the All office converter premium?

Well, taking for the fact that your PC or Mac may not have all the system requirements of the latter and the fact that the former is available free for download are enough reasons. 

Nevertheless, to be sure you’ve got a compatible system and avoid file crashing or loss of files, check out on the system requirements and features below.

System Requirements

  • Adobe Reader 7 or higher version
  • Above 128 RAM of internal memory
  • A hard drive space of 20MB
  • Above or strictly 733 MHz Pentium CPU
  • Strictly or above IE 6.0
  • Microsoft office version 2000
  • Windows/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003 Server/ Vista


  • High-quality conversion of PDF to XLS
  • One-click creation of high-quality XLS
  • Entry-level command line support
  • Can render images and text to excel worksheet
  • Simple drag and drop files movement
  • An instant saving of imported files
  • Wide options for optimum control over output files
  • Output file preview 
  • Windows 98 support
  • Encrypted PDF file support
  • Batch conversion on an entry-level.


If there’s a tool most essential for freelance writers, journalists, or anyone whose work requires them to work on files on the go, it would be HipDF.

Hip DF is the best PDF converter to excel solution developed by wonder share (the industry-leading developer know for an unfailing dedication to improving lives through cutting edge technology) among some of their popular state-of-the-art business solutions like; Recovery, pdfElement, and dr.fone.

Hip DF is a one-stop solution for converting PDF to Excel, JPG, TIFF, TXT, HTML, PPT, PNG, EPUB, BMP, and even more…

And while you can do all that online on pdf’s official site or do it offline by having HipDF on your hard drive, you can, in fact, convert any kind of file to PDF as well.

See Features Below

  • Files security with 256-bit SSL
  • Allows for maximum conversion of 50 pages file at a go on the free plan but 2000 pages file on the pro plan
  • OCR is available
  • Sophisticated PDF tools
  • Easy to use image tools
  • Allows for batch processing
  • Email support available
  • History of recently opened/converted files


  • Android version 7.0 device or above
  • Compatible with iOS as well and Windows.

iSkysoft PDF Converter Pro For Windows

Whenever you want the best Adobe Acrobat alternative, count on iSkysoft PDF converter pro for windows to fill the space and connect the dots for you.

With iSkysoft PDF converter pro for Windows, you can…


  • Convert up to 200 PDF files at once to Excel
  • Create confidential files protected with a unique password to create modification restriction
  • Open zipped PDF documents, edit, and convert them
  • Have access to protected images, EPUB, and imported files
  • Convert perfectly without leaving out pictures, tables, HTML links, and whatever data you have on your file.
  • A drop-dead OCR technology for changing a scanned file to text-based


  • Windows and Mac
  • 50 MB hard disk
  • 1 GHz 32-bits (×86) processor
  • Or 1 GHz 64-bits (×64) processor
  • 256MB RAM memory

Nitro PDF To Excel Converter

Editing, in most cases, gets you furiously confused after, before, or in the middle of the conversion.

Nitro PDF To Excel Converter

And the most occurring scenario is after conversion when some data are lost and you have to make it up by spending extra time and energy on a work assumed to be concluded and done with.

If this is the one reason you’re on the lookout for the best PDF converter to excel, then you wouldn’t want to miss out on the features of the all-inclusive Nitro PDF to Excel converter.

Once you’ve it downloaded to a smartphone or your Pc, you’re opened to a one-place system for converting your files the way you want without missing anything out. 

You can also use Nitro PDF to Excel converter online and send a converted file directly to the desired email fast after a preview of what the output document looks like.

This is a sure way to make a fast submission and beat deadlines as speculated by the recipient.


  • PDF conversion to Excel, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint
  • Conversion of Excel, PowerPoint, and Microsoft Word to PDF
  • Creation of PDF
  • Editing of PDF
  • OCR support
  • Annotation and Review
  • e-Sign
  • Redact and whiteout support


  • Windows98 Pc or Android version 7.0 smartphone or iOS
  • 256MB RAM memory

Weeny Free PDF To Excel Converter

Weeny is a developer of various purposeful multimedia software, PDF software, and system software, all downloadable for free on the net.

With full attention paid to details, using hi-end developer technology, Weeny engineers virus-free software compatible with basic mobile systems.

 And among such is the Weeny free PDF to excel converter. A free easy-to-use PDF-to-excel converter for batch-converting encrypted and unencrypted PDF documents to excel without messing up your works.

Aside from the fact that Weeny PDF to excel is one of the easiest to work with on an entry-level, I’d recommend it if you’re vying for a perfect software solution that won’t take much space on your device.


  • Supports batch conversion
  • Standalone software
  • An intuitive interface comfortable to work with
  • Dual-mode options
  • No watermark or functionality limitation


  • 32-bits or 64-bits CPU
  • Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 10

UniPDF converter

Here’s one of my best Standalone PDF to Excel converters. 

If you’ve had a recordable experience with Foxit or Adobe Acrobat, then you would love UniPDF with its simplicity, efficiency, and speed.

And while you’d have to download Google translator to work on most low-ends, UniPDF integrates the English language and other languages perfectly with zero translation error.

Batch convert. Do it on a solo. Do it on a selection. Put several PDFs together and convert them as a single file.

UniPDF works perfectly without leaving anything on the clock.

See the features below.


  • Supports PDF conversion to Excel, Text, image, and HTML
  • Batch conversion with formatting and layout preserved
  • Supports English and other major language files like; German, English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, French, India, India traditional, Chinese, Hindi, Arabic, Turkish, and Japanese
  • Free download 


  • Windows 7/8/9/10/XP/Vista
  • 256MB memory space

BlueFox Free PDF to Excel Converter

Still considering the best PDF converter to excel worksheet? Perhaps you’ve test-driven or used the ones I’ve listed above and would want to have a newer solution for a change of taste.

No problem. BlueFox is new. It allows for batch conversion on a new level.

It gives you a desirable output that can be edited on Microsoft Excel just in case the need arises. 

Once you download Bluefox for free, you can make the unlimited unrestricted conversion without the need to download or upload files as requested by online converters.

And without losing the correct layout, table format, graphics, hyperlinks, and tabs of the converted PDF file.

Have a look at them…


  • Convert PDF to Excel worksheet only
  • Supports customizable output
  • Free and easy to use
  • Fast quality batching
  • Standalone utility
  • Drag and drop functionality
  • Copy and paste support


  • Windows XP/Vista/7/8/9
  • CPU 32-bit or 64-bit

Cute PDF Professional

Cute PDF professional is another best PDF converter to excel. But in lieu of every other solution on my listing, CutePDF professional is a paid one with a one-off licensing fee of $49.95 for single licensing and $9,500 cooperative licensing for unlimited users.

Hence, if you’re running a Fortune 500 company or a big industry, CutePDF would be the best solution to simplify the document publishing and processing of your business.

Any member of the team can create the file, convert the file, add a stamp, include comments, include security, add headers and footers to files, combine files, and more on a created interactive field.

So, it is more than just a file converter that allows for PDF conversion to Excel worksheet.

CutePDF is that one-solution-fits-all to keep the file workload within your team. 


  • PDF file/document creation support
  • PDF conversion to Excel and other formats
  • Supports content replacement
  • Support the merging of multiple interactive PDFs to a single PDF
  • Support FTP upload
  • eSign support


  • Microsoft Windows 98/Vista/ME/XP/2008/ Windows 7
  • 32-bits or 64-bits CPU
  • Free PDF adobe reader or Acrobat


Those are the best of the best PDF converter to Excel available anywhere today. But just in case you miss something or have an inquiry to make, use the comment box and I’ll be with you immediately.

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