13 Best Multiplayer Games Free Download 2020

Best Multiplayer Games Free Download: The happiness you get after knocking out your friend in a game needs no explanation and multiplayer gaming is the best style of gaming to witness this with your squad.

10 Best Multiplayer Games In Android
Best Multiplayer Games Free Download

You can compete against the friend sitting next to you or can team up with your distant friend and fight against the computer.

The pleasure of outplaying your friend is more than the backbreaking victory from the opponent.

Here is the collection of games that you can play with your company on Laptop as well as on your Android handset as you desire.

We have covered all the highly recommended games to ensure that the list of games does justice to your spare time as well as a hobby.

The 13 Best Multiplayer Games 2019

On PC/Laptop

To enjoy the best gaming experience on your laptop or PC keep in mind the necessary requirements you should have to witness that.

Make sure you have 8 GB RAM with a compactable Hard Disk along with a graphics card.

#1- Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Best Multiplayer Games 2019

It is a multiplayer shooting game at glance. Get you equipped with guns and other weapons and hit your opponent.

This is a battle between you and your gang against terrorists who perpetrate hostage-taking, bombing where your squad will counter the terrorist by rescuing hostage, defusing the bomb. However, with every new stage, you will be witnessing new strategies, battlefields with comprehensive details and many other exciting features. The peculiar feature of this game that distinguishes it from the bunch of same genre games is that all the players will have the same set of skills and abilities. Performance depends upon the person controlling the player.

#2- Mortal Kambat X

Best Multiplayer Games 2019
Download: free

A list of multiplayer games can’t be left without including an action game. If you are looking for a fighting game then Mortal combat X is the game for you. You are free to choose the APK mode and type of game. You can choose to win the ultimate battle by selecting the story mode which takes you back in time making you aware of its beginning. Even select the tower modes which enable you to witness changing challenges.

#3- Rainbow Six Siege

Best Multiplayer Games
Download: free

It is again a shooting game in which players can opt for various operators from the Rainbow team before the round starts, however they are not allowed to change their weapons and the choices once the round has begun. As the round begins, the player has to choose the point from where he will stack the opponent while the opponent will try to defend the attack. The opponent can also use weapons and reinforced walls so as to make them indestructible. The round usually lasts for 4 minutes while in the case of a ranked match; it can last for 3 minutes.

#4- Tower fall ascension

best multiplayer games online
Download: free

It is a hit archery game that is suitable for 4 players. In this, players try to kill each other in the battle using arrows and head stomps and the one who managed to survive the entire battle is the ultimate winner. In case you plan to play with your squad having 4 members then you can play but the number of arrows will now be limited. You can even change the game rules as per your requirements for future use. Instead of ditching the arrows of your friend you can catch it and with other power-ups, you can even shoot the arrow with boosted power.

#5- Team Fortress 2

offline multiplayer games for android

Team Fortress 2, is one of the most popular online games where players join one of the two teams. Teams comprise nine character classes who will battle in different modes of the game and players can choose to play the character of any of these 9 characters having their own strengths, weakness, and uniqueness. The good thing about this game is that even if you are new to the game you can practice the game before actually entering into the battlefield to fight with your opponent. All you need is to select offline mode and start with your training sessions to hone your fighting abilities. It is basically a combat-based objective game.

#6- Battlefield 1

multiplayer games for android

The battlefield is inspired and framed keeping in mind World War 1. Players will be using the weapons used at the time of World War 1like semi-automatic rifles, artilleries along a feature of controlling the armored vehicles, boats and can even ride a horse at the battle. Modification in weapons and visualization of destruction caused by a weapon is another standout quality of this game. In case you die, the name of the soldier along with the date of birth will appear on the screen. Unlike other games, you can take control of other soldiers and continue instead of starting from the last checkpoint.

Best Multiplayer Games Android

Gaming in Android has gained momentum lately but now you can explore all the genres of games even on android from car racing to the battlefield. Earlier when games on mobile were just linked to car racing or bike racing now provide enormous categories of games.

#7- Asphalt 9 Legends

Best Multiplayer Games
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It is one of the most popular arcades racing game. You will be provided with one unlocked car and you have to win the races in different modes to unlock the cars and other features. Started with 48 cars in the game now have 61 cars to unlock and these can be customized as the player fascination. It has 3 playing modes career, events and multiplayer. In multiplayer player competes with other online players in real-time while in events he participates in daily and weekly races.

#8- NBA Jam

Best Multiplayer Games
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It is one of the best sports games available that offer an online multiplayer feature. Game is as simple as to score points in a normal basketball game. You can knock your opponent can steal to earn the point and game reward you for the same. Realistic graphics with excellent presentation NBA Jam provides you with a two-on-two game.

#9- 3PUBG Mobile

best online multiplayer games pc
Download: free

Player Unknown’s Battle abbreviated as PUBG is the most online played game in India. The game is inspired by the Japanese movie Battle Royale. The last man standing in the deathmatch wins the game. A number of players land onto the battlefield and the one playing has to be the last player alive to win the battle. One can choose to play in single mode duo mode or with his team with the first person or third person perspective depending upon the desire of the user while both of them have their own strengths and uniqueness. Once the round is over the player is rewarded with some in-game currency which he can utilize weapon modifications and one customizing the character he chooses to be.

#10- Unkilled

Download: free

It is a zombie-based first-person shooter game with more than 300 missions. It is a story of Joe who is a part of a private military unit who has been sent to New York on a mission to kill zombies. You can see variations in the missions, sometimes you have to save someone while another time you have to find the one and kill him. You can also collect weapons and upgrade them. Once the mission is over the player is given money (coins) with which he can also buy new weapons and can further upgrade them resulting in mass destruction.

#11- Vain Glory

Best Multiplayer Games
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It is one of the best Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game. You have to join either of the two teams and destroy the base of the other team while defending their own base. One can choose to play the character out of 30 characters which you have to unlock. In this game, the team comprises of 5 players who strive for destroying an opponent currency and ultimately the “Vain Crystal” which is in the enemy base.


best multiplayer games 2017
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Objective-based first shooter multiplayer game influenced by Counter-Strike is a game of two teams, Coalition and Breach namely. The game has 4 modes – Defuse where on successful blast breach wins while in case of successful defuse coalition wins, Deathmatch where both teams have to increase their count kill, Gun game and Ranked defuse. Critical Ops have 9 maps and can be played in two different ways – Quick game and Custom Game. In the quick game, the player has no choice over map and team also the length of the match is short while in case of the custom game you can customize almost everything, from game mode to map, number of team members.

#13- Word with Friends 2

Best Multiplayer Games
Download: free

If you are looking for a game that can also help you in increasing your knowledge and vocabulary this game is suitable for you. You can advance your word skills by playing this game with your friend or you can also play with the stranger online. You can also use your Facebook account to play this friendly game in a competitive way.

Bottom Line

I hope you have enjoyed reading this article mentioning the best multiplayer games and these games last with you for months. Do comment your views on the article. We believe in two way communication so feel free to say what you want to.

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