10 Best Android Widgets Free Download 2020

Best Android Widgets Free Download 2020: The moment you flip your screen and unlock it.

Best android widgets
Best android widgets

You see small icons of some built-in applications along with the icons of manually installed applications on the home screen.

But this looks boring at times. Let’s give your home screen a completely new look with Android widgets.

These are the application extension of the application that already exists in your Android handset.

These extended applications aim for providing better interference to the user. You can customize the colour, size and give your home screen a professional stand out look.

Without further ado let’s know about the best Android widgets that not only will give your home screen a refreshing view but will also assist you in managing your daily life messed work.

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Best Android Widgets 2020

1. Google Keep

If you are habitual of making notes for the day then this widget is for you. It is one of the best notes –taking widget from Google.

best android widgets

Install : free

In case you are in a hurry and can’t type, Google keep offers you to draw a note.

Other features of Google keep like a reminder for notes, sharing with others, archiving the note and lists.

It enables you to scroll through your pinned notes or if you want you can give a separate label to notes which you can access any time you want to.

2. Calendar Widget

A simple yet highly customizable widget that enables you to have an overview of your plans along with month agenda.

best android widgets

Install: free

You can check events from your Google calendar, Outlook calendar, from Facebook and it also tells you about the upcoming contacts birthday.

It is a combination of both monthly calendar and monthly agenda so you need not keep two different “Best Android Widgets” in your handset.

3. HD Widgets

A clock and weather widget that has been used by over 1 million users, it is one of the most popular clocks and weather combination widget in Google Play store.

Best android widgets

Install: free

HD widget can provide you with various features so that you need not download a separate widget for your purpose.

It shows date, clock, your location, weather and has various themes that can modify the appearance. It has been the Play store editor’s choice for over 2 years.

Best Free Widgets for Android

4. TickTick

TickTick is a complete widget that can assist you to manage your time and work everywhere.

Install: free

From home to office, TickTick will be alerting you about the deadlines, managing your entire day.

It is to –do widget where you just need to add a task and reminder for the same rest will be taken care of by TickTick.

You can even use voice input for adding a task. Features like prioritizing the task, making checklists, cloud synchronization, day planner, and arrangement of tasks as per labels and folders make this widget one to keep in your handset.

5. Weather Underground

An extensive weather report makes this a prominent widget. It provides you with a detailed analysis of local weather along with satellite and radar maps.

best android widgets

Install: free

Condition report of your localized weather will include humidity, wind speed its direction, and visibility along with 10 days forecasting.

You can even customize your mode from light to dark and can opt for push notifications if you want to keep yourself updated in severe weather conditions.

6. Battery Widget Reborn

Nothing is more important than the battery life of your smartphone and it is the necessity of every user to keep a check on the battery usage of his handset.

Best Android Widgets

Install: free

Battery optimization is what every smartphone user looks for and if you are looking for the same then Battery Widget Reborn is for you.

It shows the battery percentage in a circle indicator along with battery information, power –summary, background synchronization, and Wi-Fi setting.

You can add multiple status icons on the status bar and can customize the text in notification area about battery health, estimated time left.

This widget has an automatic power-saving feature during the night that will last your battery long.

7. MSN Money

Keep tabs on stock and financial news along with advice for the same.

Best Android widgets

Install: free

If you are an investor and want to know it all then this widget can be functional able for you.

You can even add your preferred stocks and mutual funds in your watch list and track the exchange rates.

MSN Money provides you with financial tools like a mortgage calculator, tip calculator, wealth estimator.


IFTTT stands for If This Then That, is one of the most interesting widgets for you.

Best android widgets

Install : free

This widget connects your favorite service together to give you a completely new experience.

It can connect various applications, services and devices that too from different developers and can also help you in managing your social media.

9. Muzei Live Wallpapers

If you are looking for variation in your home screen wallpaper and bored of using pictures on the home screen, Muzei Live Wallpaper will be your change.

Install: free

It is basically a live wallpaper widget that refreshes your home screen with some brilliant artwork every day.

If you want to keep a few of your pictures as wallpaper but in rotation, you can enjoy this feature as well.

To make it more users friendly and increase its user interface, it offers some free widgets as well, like changing the background with a tap.

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10. Custom Switches

Are you tired of searching for applications from the long list of installed applications just to do one task?

Install: free

How comforting it would have all the switches of your choice at one place? All you need to do is tap and select the switch as your need.

This is where you need Custom Switches. You can customize the design or can go for predefined designs of Custom Switches.

You can add up to 15 switches in this of your choice like alarm, Bluetooth, settings, camera, brightness, volume to name a few.

Bottom Line

That’s it for today. I hope this article (Best Android Widgets) is able to answer your requirements and you have found the widget that gives your screen a fresh look which can contribute to organizing your work as well.

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