AOS TV APK 20.0.0 Download (Watch IPL Live Cricket) 2021

AOS TV APK 20.0.0 Download (Watch IPL Live Cricket) 2021

Entertainment App
Publisher Entertainment App
Version v20.0.0
Size 17MB
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Updated September 11, 2021
MOD Features Premium unlocked

AOS TV APK has been made for a lot of purposes, you can enjoy this app by installing it in Android phones. I talked about apps, then AOS TV Mod APK has become a very popular application through which we can watch live TV, Live Sport, Live Series, Web Series, can watch IPL, and many more things. You get a full HD support video, through which you can watch any video and your favorite TV show in HD quality.

People use it to watch most movies and Sports. If you want to watch a movie on it. You can not download the movie from here. It does not give you an option to download. It is available to watch online. It does not support any kind of download. If you want to watch a video, you have to watch it online.

Nowadays, as we know, live TV is becoming very popular. So we keep this thing in our mind. And today we are going to talk about that app, where you can watch live TV shows, movies, live cricket, and more. So the app name is AOS TV APK. Today we will only talk about this app. This app works just like ThopTV  APK as we think. All TV Apps are related to each other. We are giving you the AOS TV Mod APK absolutely free. You can download it from here. The link is given below.

Thanks to this app which gives us online live stream sources on the internet and provides us with the opportunity to watch the news, matches movie programs. There are more than 1000+ channels that are watched worldwide and you can use the AOS TV app on your Android. Watch live stream channels, movies, web series, cricket, football, and much more by downloading it on phone or on the tablet.

AOS mod APK has been made for users of India in which a lot of countries go where we can watch its channels like That India Pakistan, Australia, has many more. AOS APK gives you a chance to watch any channel for free. We can make our favorite list and you can watch it anywhere at any time. It is an ad-free app, which premium users get.



But you don’t have to take tension. We are sharing the information in this post that how you can use AOS TV APK for free. so let’s go ahead and learn more about it in detail. With which we and you will be able to use this app very well in any way Without trouble.

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What is AOS TV APK?

Like we have already told you about the AOS TV APK. What is it for and what is the use. Yet here we would like to give you some little detail about it which will help you very much in any kind of video. In watching a support movie or special. Let me tell you that this is the best app where you can watch any kind of content in HD, like live cricket, sports channels, movie channels, TV channels, and more. You get it here for free.

This app is designed to watch any kind of content online for free. AOS TV is very easy to use. You can download it the way we have told you in this post. You just follow the steps, which we mention in this post. Download it on your phone. When you download it.

It will run very well without any problem on your phone. Here we love to talk more about it in detail, which will help you to use it easily. We will give you the way how it works and how you can download it in your mobile and many more features which we will talk about further. Well, read it very carefully. Let’s move ahead.

How Does AOS TV App Work?

Everyone is excited to know how this app is used. You do not need to take any tension. Here we have told you step by step how you can use the AOS TV app. And how this app works? We have given you a download link in this post where you can download it and enjoy it for free.

Enabling unknown sources is very important. If you do not enable this option, then you can not use this app on your Android phone. Remember it must be enabled when you use AOS TV on your Android phone or smartphone. When you are installing it, then after you will be able to use this app only.

It is very easy and helpful. All you have to do is follow the steps to install it successfully on your Android phone. So if you face any kind of problem downloading this AOS TV APK. Then you can comment on us by going to the comment box of this post. Our team will help you as soon as possible and will solve your problem.


AOS TV mod APK is a crack version where you can use its premium features by visiting it. It is only available for premium users but you do not need to panic. Here the developers have created a crack version by which you can use the features for free. So what you need to do? We have given you a downloading link in this post, where you can download this app and take advantage of the features for free.

Remember this is absolutely free for you. You will not face any problems. If you face any problem, you can comment to us below this post our team will help you as soon as possible and solve your problem. Do not have to pay money and you can use its premium features for free. If I talk about the premium features, then there are some such things that you can use for free like you will not see any ad on it.

That you know when we watch our favorite movie, TV shows, during that time If the ad comes. We get very angry. THE great thing is about AOS TV. You can create a list among yourself and watch your favorite videos in your own language. There is more About which we will proceed, in the next section, let’s see what happens next.

AOS TV For PC | Windows 10/7/8/XP |Mac OS

AOS APK is available for both devices Android phone and Windows is very easy to use it here. Here we have given you the easy way how you can use it on your PC, Mac, etc. And with the help of this, you can watch TV for free. You can watch movies, serials, live sports. This is totally different from other apps. It is very light which gives a very good user experience.

We can use AOS TV mode APK on Android, FireStick, and TV Box. If you can not download it directly on the PC, then you do not need to panic. In this section, we will tell you how you can download it. AOS TV helps the Android ecosystem to use it in a PC, which is called an Android emulator.

With the help of an emulator, you can install any app in the window. If we talk, you can get thousands of millions of Android Emulator on the internet. You can use an emulator.

Features Of AOS TV APK

Here we are going to talk about the features that AOS TV APK is giving you for free. It is very important to know the features. If you want a good experience and use this app in the right way. I want to tell you about Android phones that whatever features are here. They are very helpful and have been made to make your life the same. Users get a lot of support and let’s know in detail. Read all features very carefully to use AOS MOd APK in a good way.

No ads

Netflix Premium Apk

It is an ad-free application. Here you will not get any disturbing by ads. Here you can watch any video and movie sports channel, it gives you one more free support, through this, you will never have any problem with watching your favorite video or movie like we know whenever we watch videos or movies. Whenever an ad comes in the middle of it, we get very angry, it seems very bad and we do not want to see it, because of this we buy a subscription which is a tree for us but you have to buy any subscription here There is no need to pay any money, here we are giving you free, which is a premium app, so you can enjoy the premium app features for free in this.

Live Sport

You can watch live sports channels on it. Watch live sports support like IPL live, Football, Volleyball, and more. It is absolutely free.

Watch High-Quality

This is a great feature here, you can watch any video in high-quality. Now the era of high-quality videos has come, which is that you can watch any video movie web series or any of your favorite movies of high quality in this app. This is a very good feature. You can enjoy it for free and watch your favorite movie videos which will be very high quality. All videos will be very clear and there will be no buffering anywhere. It will run very fast without stopping. So go to the download link click there and quickly install it on your Android phone.

Audio Cast

AOS TV APK gives you the option of a lot of languages ​​where you can listen to any audio in your own language. I would say it is fun and very helpful because a lot of languages ​​are spoken inside this world. So the AOS TV app Keeping in mind that it is unable to understand the language of the language. It has been divided into many languages ​​by which users can listen to the audio in their own language.

Region focused

AOS TV Mod APK has a lot of focus on the Asian region in which will not get you the problem and you can find a lot of country content here, such as the united state, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, India, Japanese, Chinese, and many more. Now let’s go to the next features.


Favorite list

The favorite list I like this feature very much because here we can go and create our favorite list. Wherever we can find our favorite list and watch our favorite audio-video. Then it is a good option. It makes a great user experience. I think every TV apps should keep this option in it.


Chatting is a very good feature because if you are watching your favorite movie sports channel or you are watching your favorite web series. And you have any problem with watching the problem. AOS TV APK has a support team. If your video is not playing, then you go to chat and content the team. You can get your help done. The team is available 24 hours to help you, which is a very good option and they will fix your problem.

Search Option

In the search AOS Mod APK, you get the option of a search bar where you can finalize your favorite channels and can also check movie videos and enjoy watching it sitting at your home. I would say these features are also amazing. Must use it.


If we talk about Updates then this app gives you a lot of updates which is very helpful for the user experience. Because in the old version sometimes there is a lot of problems. Audio does not play video, the video does not play high-quality video. So what you can do in this is you want an update, after doing an update you get a good experience by updating the Android phones. So you can update it, now the data is available at any time, whenever you get your updates.


This application gives you the option of the cast which is very helpful. You can share your screen with any smart device which is a great feature. You can share and have fun on the big screen. If you have an Android phone and you want to share the screen with that. So you can do it yourself. It is absolutely free for you.

How to Download and Install AOS TV Apk

It is very important to know, that how to install or download any app on a successful mobile phone. In this section, we will tell you how you can install the AOS APK app successfully on your smartphone. And about its premium features, which you can enjoy it for free. Just follow the steps given below to install AOS TV APK successfully. So without wasting time. We are sharing the tips to get the app free. Let’s move on.

How to Download AOS TV APK On Android 2021


Version 20.0.0
File size 14.30 MB
App by AOS TV
Category Entertainment App
Features Live channels + Movies and TV shows
Requires device Android Phone
Price free
Last updated Today
Google Play Store Click

Step 1 First of all, go to the download page. Click on it after that you will be redirected to our downloading page.

Step 2 – Once you reach the downloading page. You will see the second counting. Wait for 10 seconds once 10 seconds done. You will get a download link. Click on it. After clicking on the downloading link. Downloading will start automatically.

Step 3 Once downloading get successfully go to your device and find the file, where you will see the AOS TV APK file. Click on it and enable unknown sources.

Step 4 After enabling the unknown source app will start installing. Once installing is complete. Now you can use AOS TV APK on your device.

If you get any issue downloading the app you can comment to us below the post. Our team will reply as soon as possible. And fix the downloading issue.

AOSTV APK FAQS (Frequently Ask Question)

How do you use AOS TV?

you can follow the steps, which are giving above. Follow them and you will get to install AOS in your device successfully and can enjoy it for free.

Is AOS TV safe?

Yes, don’t worry about security. It is very safe and secure. You can use AOS TV on any device like Android, Windows, Mac, iOS, etc. You can use it without panic.

How to install AOS TV on Firestick?

You can follow our steps, which we have mentioned above. Just follow them very carefully.

How can I watch Live TV?

Install AOS TV through the link, which is giving the above section. Once you installed it on your device. You will be available to use this app for free. No need to pay a single penny.

Is it a free app?

Yes, it is free for you. Download from the link, which is giving above. Click on it the downloading will start automatically. You d not to pay a single penny.

What Devices does it Work On?

It works on all smartphones, Android phones, Windows, iOS, etc.

Can I watch LIve Cricket on AOS TV?

Yes, you can watch live cricket, live IPL for free. Install it from the download link and enjoy live IPL for free.


So that’s all about AOS TV APK In this post. We hope you have liked this post very much. And if you have liked it. Then share this post with your friend and family. You can also share it on social media. If you want any premium apps, games, and more for free. You can visit our website where we post Premium Mod APK, Games, App, and lots of tricks and tips by which you can use Premium App Game APK mode for free.

If you are having any problem downloading the app. Then you can comment on us by going to the comment box. Our team will contact you as soon as possible. So that’s it for today. Will see you in the next post. Free premium MOD APK makes your life easy, through which both your money and time will be safe. Thanks for reading the post.